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7 tips that make your attendees fall in love with the event

To understand how to make your attendees fall in love with your event, start with “the why”. Why do people come to events at first place? What is it they want to achieve? What do they want to get out of it? As an event organiser you know firsthand that any event is not really about the world-class speakers and the high end production. Although both are extremely important and create buzz, the real value lies in people attending the event.

Whether you are organising a business conference or a themed fair, the key point is – people want to enjoy themselves, and it is your job to make them feel that way. Having helped several tech conferences, matchmaking events and informal meetups, we noticed that the great event which people truly love consists of 7 simple elements.


What are they?

1. Appeal to your audience

Whom is your event for? This is the number one question every event organizer need to ask before writing down the first line of plan. The more specific you are in your description, the better. Don’t go for general phrases like “business people” or “foodies” – “startup founders seeking for funding” or “food innovators focusing on vegan market” give you a much better understanding on how to design the program and what partners to invite. Once you know who your audience really is and what problem will your event solve for them, you will get more clarity on how to proceed with planning.

2. Determine the best place and time

Finding a perfect time and place that would suit everyone is nearly impossible. But you can maximise your chances by optimizing the date and venue according to your attendees schedule. For example, if you are organising a large tech conference, make sure the venue is up-scale, easy to get to with the public transport, and has a parking area. Don’t plan it on Monday – that’s when business people are busy at work. From our experience, Thursday and Fridays work best – conference drinks or an after party on Friday night is great way to close the week. Most importantly, be creative when selecting your venus, dress your event to impress, as we speak. For example, Riga-based startup conference

6. Follow up after event is over

Getting off radar after the event is over is probably the worst mistake an event organiser can do. Don’t let your event live in a bubble. Continue the discussion over social media, direct emails to partners and attendees, or more informal meet-ups that may occur out of the event. If you really want to make sure the conversation continues – send out regular newsletters reiterating what has happened at the event and updates about your next edition.

7. Use data to demonstrate impact of your event

Your event produces massive amount content and data, not only from your side but also from your partners and attendees. Don’t let it flow through your fingers – use it to create post-event videos, quick wrap-ups of the sessions, value added pieces data to your attendees, for example how many meetings did they have. Ask your partners whether they might be interested in sharing a report or making an official announcement through your channels. For example, last year Slush partnered with CoFounder magazine, that covers entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem in Europe. 10,000 people left the conference with the latest copy of the magazine.

Hope these tips gave you an idea how to improve the quality of your events. Organizing events is hard, but also fun and rewarding business. Remember a quote from Maya Angelou? People will forget what you say and what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. As you long as you make your attendees feel good, you are on the right track.

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