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Don’t fight change, embrace it!

Deal Room Team 21.07.2022
Don’t fight change, embrace it!

During last month, I had more video calls than during all year before. I talked to different people from different countries but heard the same message: “What should we do with upcoming events?’, “Will this crisis kill the industry?”, “Is there a way to handle this in the next few months?” To be honest in the beginning of March I asked myself the same questions and I was not sure about the answers. However, at the same time I was extremely curious and excited to continue to work even harder, mainly, because of two reasons:

  • Strong and professional Deal Room team had accumulated efforts and developed a great product in a very short time – we transformed our platform to digital venue for online events.

  • Some of our customers were excited to try the platform as soon as one week from release and decided to be the first ones that do live events online. Probably they took a risk but now we are proud to see it was worth it!

London Games Festival teamed up with Deal Room to move ahead with a digital event and this cooperation has proved hugely beneficial for the gaming industry. Deal Room networking feature allowed game developers to hold meetings, seek advices and pitch to the investors.

Sweden Demo Day postponed their real event and organized 1 on 1 meetings online event with Deal Room. In couple of hours, startups were able to make more than 600 meetings with 250 investors and corporates.

Hackathon “What the Quack?” chose Deal Room for program management and networking between 50 experienced mentors and 200 doers. This case showed that Deal Room is perfect fit not only for official part of the event but for after party as well. After many hours of working on ideas, live music performed on Deal Room was the cherry on the top.

Venture Day Minsk decided not to compromise on any aspect of live event and created online event with matchmaking, networking and partners’ virtual booths. This was all done on Deal Room!

Working with these events taught me, that fear should not stop us from experiencing the benefits of change. Let’s embrace the unknown and build successful partnership!

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