Matchmaking Advice from Jukka Kujala

Deal Room Team 21.07.2022
Matchmaking Advice from Jukka Kujala

It’s nearly 2020, and long gone are the days when networking was a simple matter of showing up to the right events and handing out business cards. If you’ve been to any kind of networking event recently, including Slush, then you’ve likely been encouraged to make use of matchmaking tools, and for good reason: with platforms like Deal Room in the mix nowadays, networking has become more efficient, more engaging, and a lot less intimidating.

Last month, Shortcut took over the Helsinki area with Talent Heist During Slush, where hundreds of skilled job seekers had the opportunity to mingle and connect with recruiters from 11 different companies over the course of three days in the middle of Slush Week. The event was powered by Deal Room, which allowed candidates to get to know the recruiters beforehand, customize their profiles, and send out direct requests for 1-on-1 meetings.

Talent Heist gave us some great insights into the future of recruitment, and one of our key learnings was that networking needs to be done with a proactive approach, especially when it comes to your matchmaking tools. So how can you get the most out of these platforms to ensure your next networking event is a success? We sat down with Jukka Kujala, Head of Talent for, to create this guide on how to build a standout profile on Deal Room and land your next interview.

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