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What is Deal Room?

Deal Room is a web platform designed to build an effective business network. This platform is dedicated to:

  • Business Networking
  • Matching the needs of event participants and getting them connected

Once you’re logged in, you get to see other event participants as well as their needs and offerings. Simply click on “meet” or “connect” button if you want to chat before booking a face to face meeting. The easiest way to get to know fellow delegates and meet at designated meeting spaces within the venue is using Deal Room effectively.

How do I register to Deal Room?

If you have purchased an entry ticket to the event, you will be automatically invited to the Deal Room platform for business networking. In case the event you are joining is a free public event, you will find the link to register to Deal Room via social media, event website or other communication channels.

PLEASE NOTE: The email used to register your ticket on the ticketing platform of the event is the one that Deal Room platform will assign to your identity. However, once you have created your account, you can add your other email addresses to your account.

All the events to which you are invited will be visible to you in your profile. Deal Room platform usually opens 2 to 4 weeks prior to the event. Once the platform is open for the event you will receive an invitation with the log-in details. It may take up to 48 hours from new ticketing registrations to Deal Room activation. However, as we get closer to the event, we will be doing this with increased urgency and updating the system regularly every day.

Does Deal Room have a cost to users?

Deal Room is free for all the registrants of the event. You can connect to an infinite number of delegates and book as many meetings as you wish. Basically, the maximum number of meetings you can have is the number of available slots.

I have not received any invitations from Deal Room, what do I do?
  • Deal Room typically goes live 2-4 weeks before the event.
  • Once live, we import new registrations into the system regularly. This typically means within 24hrs of purchasing your ticket to the event you should receive an email with your log in details.
  • Occasionally, spam filters can filter out emails but to help get our important emails through we suggest you check your spam folders and unspam emails from dealroomevents.com

If you have not purchased a ticket through event ticketing but have access to event as part of a sponsor package please contact your event organizer to send your contact information to Deal Room. In case you haven’t received any information from us please register to console.dealroomevents.com.

It is good to notice that the email address you used to register to the event ticketing system should match the one you registered to Deal Room. After logging in, you will see the event listed under “Events”. In case you still do not see the event, click on “Profile” and select “Connect Mail” on the bottom of that page and add your other email addresses. And if you still do not see the event, click on the “Support” and we will help you right away.

How do I meet other participants at the event?
  • Simply log in to the Deal Room Platform and check out the participants list. We have listed the best matches to your profile under “Participants” tab.
  • Here you can search for people or companies using the keyword text box or using the more advanced search options. You can also sort the fellow participants by relevance, or by date they registered to Deal Room platform.
  • Once you find the person you want to meet, you can request to meet.
  • The accepting participant will be given the time slots that fit yours, theirs and resources availabilities.
  • We recommend to type an intro to your invitation and also mention your availabilities.

Your Agenda will help you where you need to be and whom you will meet. You can also suggest a different slot by requesting a reschedule of meeting.

Please note that there will be event staff to assist you on any issue related to Deal Room’s usage at the Registration Area and at the Entrance of Business Networking Area.

Do I have to complete my profile?

Completing your profile page with as much information as possible will enable you to network and promote yourself more effectively. Especially the Offer and Seek areas are the utmost important ones.

Your preferences or areas of business interest for the event will enable potential business partners to find you easily, select you from the participant list and propose a meeting. Likewise, when everyone does the same, you’ll be able to find the best potential clients or business partners.

If you choose to not to complete your contact details, Deal Room platform will not be able to offer you good matches and you will have to dig more yourself.

How do I contact the person I am meeting?

Once you have a confirmed meeting or confirmed connection request, you can check your connections and chat with them. The other party will also receive an email reminding about the chat.

Do I get a reminder for my meeting?

Absolutely! You will receive an email for every meeting and also an SMS. Please make sure you have entered the correct phone number to your profile and your notification settings for meeting reminders are on.

Event staff around the business matchmaking area can also help you find when, where and with whom your meeting is.

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual events are multi-session online events that often feature webinars and webcasts, workshops, roundtables and 1-on-1 meetings. They are highly interactive and provide multiple opportunities to engage attendees.

You can see the whole process in this video guide: https://youtu.be/9XN_7Fq_kKk

Video Conference
Video Conference
Does Deal Room provide 1-on-1 video meetings?

Participants can book and participate in 1-on-1 meetings in Deal Room without the use of another tool.

Still cannot find an answer to your question?

Please contact support.

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