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Hybrid Events

Build the best event experiences for partners, exhibitors, and attendees by combining the benefits of in-person and virtual events under the same roof.

What Is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are a hybrid of the features of in-person and virtual events. They offer interactive experiences akin to on-site events while being flexible for those who want to participate online. Deal Room makes it extremely simple for organizers to create, host, and manage hybrid events while ensuring value for everyone from attendees to exhibitors and sponsors. With us, you can guarantee the hybrid event's success and deliver the perfect event that meets everyone's needs—everyone wins.

Best All-in-One Event Platform for Successful Hybrid Events

Deal Room offers a bevy of features you can employ to make every hybrid event rewarding for the sponsors, exhibitors, and participants beyond your expectations.

Complete Hybrid Platform

Utilize the features of our all-in-one event management platform to create and manage hybrid events. Ensure constant engagement of on-site participants through in-person interactions and virtual participants via live streaming.

Flexible Registration

Deal Room offers the option for attendees to specify their mode of participation to manage them effectively based on the same. It helps you understand how attendees will participate and customize their event experience.

Hybrid Engagement

Virtual and on-site participants can also take advantage of Deal Room features to interact with each other and build lasting business relationships. At hybrid events, participants can chat and book meetings with booth owners, as well.

Dynamic Content

With Deal Room, organizers can bring diverse types of content for attendees based on their mode of participation across different channels. Deliver the content via live stream, pre-recorded video, or a blend of both.

Extended Reach

Make the on-site events even more successful by expanding its reach through real-time, on-demand, and virtual videos by utilizing Deal Room’s diverse streaming capabilities. Turn your in-person events into hybrid events. 

Multiple Streaming

Deal Room allows anyone to manage and run top-notch live streaming video production. Using the in-built streaming features of Deal Room, ensure flawless and customized event experiences for your virtual attendees with multiple streams.

Delivering Singular Hybrid Event Engagement for Every Participant

Whether on-site or virtual, Deal Room creates the best engagement experience for every single attendee.

On-Site Attendees

  • Scan badges
  • Check floor plan
  • Use QR code check-in
  • Discover indoor geolocation

Online Attendees

  • Join live sessions
  • Visit virtual booths
  • Schedule online meetings
  • Interact with on-site/offline profiles

On-Site and Online

  • Join networking
  • Request meetings
  • Engage in live sessions
  • Interact with digital content

Create Impressive Hybrid Events with Deal Room’s Hybrid Event Features

Deal Room has made it easier than ever to create immersive hybrid events that are highly rewarding.

Planning a Hybrid Event?

Make it smart and immersive with Deal Room.

Cross-Channel Networking

Enable effective cross-channel engagement opportunities by connecting on-site and virtual attendees, sponsors, and speakers via text chats and video/audio meetings. This ensures that the on-site and virtual attendees can take advantage of the platform for smooth networking and business matchmaking possibilities.

  • Editable user profiles to facilitate better networking
  • Scannable QR codes to ease cross-channel networking
  • Attendee search and filter function for better matchmaking

Top-Notch Live Streaming and Production

Create the best quality live streaming video without prior experience in video production. Deal Room’s cutting-edge Livestream Studio can instantly uplift the quality of your stream with reliable and professional production support at hybrid events. 

  • Multiple video streaming platform integration
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
  • Live or pre-recorded streaming for attendees

Gather Relevant Data to Calculate Event ROI

Deal Room collects all the data that you need to calculate the ROI of your event while providing you with diverse insights into various factors that worked well and could not meet the expectations. Using these data-backed insights, you can understand how participants and exhibitors communicated, how many were successful, and how many connections were made. With deep analytics from Deal Room, plan and strategize your next event based on the insights to make it even more successful and value-adding.

Hybrid Event App

Ensure effective hybrid event management through our hybrid event mobile application, available on Android and iOS. With all the features and capabilities offered by the Deal Room web platform, organizers and on-site and virtual users can use the application to schedule their activities, create sessions, attend virtual booths, and modify and edit their profiles. The participants can also get comprehensive details about the programs, sessions, and speakers, along with all other event details from the app, to take full advantage of the app without any external help.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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Why did we decide to organize a virtual event? In the TV business we have two major trade shows that serve as key anchors for bringing us together. Traditionally they take place in April and September. Of course both were cancelled this year, and these two...

Media Meet and Greet Real-Time Networking Event

Within the TV business, we have two major trade shows that serve as key anchors for bringing people together. The event has brought up several long-lasting partnerships and the 5th Media Meet and Greet is yet to come in the Deal Room Platform.

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