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10 things to consider while organizing a hybrid event.

Hybrid event Powered by Deal Room
Hybrid event by Deal Room

The Future is Hybrid.

According to Global DMC Partners, 72% of event planners are moving into either a virtual or hybrid format for events in 2021. Having the ability to connect businesses to prospects and communities without restrictions and boundaries, virtual events will continue to stay attractive in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, according to our research, 51% of respondents value in-person experiences more as they believe there is limited personal experience during virtual events. (Deal Room Events, 2021).

Hence, to combine virtual and in-person experiences, hybrid events will become the future of the event industry. A hybrid event combines the elements of virtual and in-person events. A portion of the participants attend the event onsite and others do so online. At this type of event, both parties should engage with the content and with each other.

Hybrid events are a mix of live and virtual events. Now that we clarified what hybrid events are, let us talk about 10 things to consider while organizing a hybrid event to make sure it is a success!

(A) Pre Event

1. Be Prepared with Technical Support

Due to the virtual component that requires technology, technical difficulties may arise hence a support team should always be available. Our team at Deal Room provides online assistance to quickly resolve difficulties, ensuring that attendees have a pleasant experience.

2. Be Consistent

It is critical to align your online and onsite event materials, such as using the same graphics and colors. By doing so, a consistent experience will be created for both online and onsite attendees.

3. Apply Different Marketing Strategies

Different marketing strategies are needed to captivate attendees. The event may promote an engaging and valuable experience for online participants while promoting an educational experience for in-person visitors.

4. Choose the Right Platform


  • Ensure that technical and streaming resources are available. At Deal Room, we provide keynote speakers with microphones and cameras etc.


  • Ensure that the attendees are familiar with the event platform. At Deal Room, we take pride in our simple-to-use platform that allows everyone to fulfil their needs.

  • Ensure that the presenter and clients are familiar with the event platform. At Deal Room, we rehearse with our presenters and clients before the event to make sure they are familiar with the platform.

  • Ensure that live support is accessible.

5. Think about Online Attendees

To minimize “screen fatigue,” the event should not be too long.

Networking sessions must be properly organized to avoid online participants having the impression that their experience is limited. The agenda must be well planned to avoid leaving online attendees staring at an empty screen or feeling lost.

(B) During Event

6. Acknowledge Both Online and Onsite Attendees

One of the most common mistakes presenters make is failing to acknowledge online participants. The host should combine questions and activities for the room and virtual participants to ensure that all attendees are involved.

7. Maintain Engagement & Interaction

Hosting a hybrid event entails providing two distinct experiences. Event organizers should customize content, ensuring attendees are participating in the scheduled activities.

  • There should be 2 hosts, a virtual emcee and a regular host. The virtual emcee can serve as a voice for the virtual participants.

  • Interactive sessions should be held separately. Live Q&As, polls and breakout sessions can be used to engage virtual participants.

8. Value for Sponsors

Event sponsors should receive as much exposure virtually as to an onsite event. At Deal Room, sponsors and partners can gain a range of brand exposure. These include:

  • Display banners

  • Brand visuals in emails to be sent out to participants

  • Hosting virtual and live booths

  • 1:1 networking/meetings

9. Prep for Q&A

Q&A sessions should give adequate time for online attendees since responses may not be as prompt. Ensure questions asked are visible to both online and onsite participants.

(C) After Event

10. Send Out More Content

To keep the event and experience at the top of attendees’ minds, content generated such as a blog post recap or a link to the video recording may be sent to everyone on the attendee list.

Hybrid events are an effective method to utilize the best parts of in-person and virtual events.

Thinking about your next event? Check out Deal Room Event Platform to support your event!


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