Website user guide

DEAL ROOM is a web platform to build an effective business network

 Deal Room Events provides 2 user guides for event participants who use Deal Room to build their business network: User Guide for Event Attendees using Deal Room, and Admin Guide for Exhibitors.

1. User Guide for Event Attendees

Deal Room user guide for event attendees is divided into 3 parts

Part1: How to SIGN UP and set up your PROFILE

Part 2: How to SEARCH for participants, CONNECT and BOOK meetings

Part 3: How to check INVITATIONS, AGENDA, NOTIFICATION, and UPDATE your profile


2. Admin Guide for Event Exhibitors

Deal Room admin guide for event exhibitors is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1:How to SET UP meeting sessions and ADD team members

Part 2:How to INVITE visitors to your booth and TRACK your meetings there