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Deal Room is the leading event management platform.

We help you to manage every aspect of your event from A to Z while also operating as a platform for networking and interaction.

The Smart Event Management Platform for Any-Kind-of Event

Deal Room's built-in intelligence enables you to manage any event, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, to boost revenue and engagement.

In-Person Events

Manage on-site events from registration, check-in and session access control to networking and matchmaking, while creating personalized live agenda.

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Virtual Events

Create unique virtual events, handle the registration process, enable matchmaking and networking, and design live agendas, parallel sessions, and live streaming.

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Hybrid Events

Make hybrid events more productive by connecting in-person and virtual audiences. Leverage Inclusive event managing tools for virtual and in-person events with live streaming.

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Gary Vaynerchuk"Deal Room brings value"

"How many deals are actually done in this event was staggering to me. Deal Room brings value! This to me is the modern setup for event marketing. Big shout out to you guys for what you are doing!"

Gary Vaynerchuk CEO at Vaynerx, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

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Make Your Events Matter with Deal Room's Robust Built-in Features

Deal Room helps you with hassle-free any-kind-of event management to boost audience engagement, foster relationships, and optimize ROI.

Intent-Based Connections

With the help of our AI-based matchmaking algorithm, add value to your business with every connection you create and make the best ties possible.

Private One-on-One Meetings

Create, attend, and leverage the possibilities offered by private one-on-one meetings to find the best connections and match for your business.

Designated Networking Zones

Deal Room’s designated networking zones make it easier for organizers to create dedicated meeting areas for participants to meet and network.

Event App for IOS, Android, and Web

Get a dedicated event app for a diverse platform to connect with attendees on the move, manage check-in, access control, and badge scanning, and bring value to virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings.

Event-Specific Attendee Profile

Provide event-specific attendee profiles to make your attendees get insights into other participants' business backgrounds, requirements, and goals for a fruitful engagement.

Comprehensive Filtering

Make your attendees find the most relevant networking partner to ensure the right meeting matches using advanced interest, job level, and sector filters.

Instant Chat

Chat with your audience and converse with them on the go, right on the platform, for guaranteed engagement and value.

Individual Agenda

Participants can easily create their own agenda and follow this on the platform agenda section, which shows all the meetings, and sessions that the participants want to attend.

Easy Meeting Booking

Booking a meeting with Deal Room is as simple as a few clicks, so get ready to build lifelong business ties.

Private One-on-One or One-on-Many Meetings

Any kind of private meeting is possible with our networking capabilities. Attend one-on-one or one-on-many meetings for individualized experiences.

Designated Networking Areas

Deal Room’s revolutionary designated networking areas enable the organizers to create meeting areas where attendees can network and build business relationships.

Continued Networking Post Event

Never stop networking or interacting with your connections even after the event. Deal Room also makes sure that matchmaking and networking continues after the event.

Own Conference Tool

Be a part of the platform with its robust built-in conference tool to manage the event and drive engagement with the poll and chat capabilities.

RTMB, OBS, vMix Integration

Deal Room’s conference solution enables you to stream your content via an RTMP, OBS, or vMix for uninterrupted streaming.

Social Streaming

Say goodbye to annoying glitches that plague most Facebook or YouTube live streams with Deal Room’s social streaming feature.

Website Plugin

Integrate agenda, participants, speakers, sponsors, and industry insights to your event website with our custom plug-in.


Deal Room offers plenty of options to monetize your event for higher ROIs. Every exhibitor and attendee has specific business goals on their mind while attending your event. You can gather deeper insights into these goals and deliver targeted options to help the attendees and exhibitors realize the goals with Deal Room.

Offering virtual booths, branded sessions, engagement activities and Sponsored sessions, Deal Room makes it easier for you to monetize your event.

Meet your attendees' event goals with a focus on lead generation and better engagement through AI-powered matchmaking and networking. This ensures that you can deliver targeted networking and interaction possibilities to each and every one of your attendees. With higher attendee engagement and satisfaction, better ROIs follow.

Planning an event?

Planning events is easier with Deal Room's smart assistance.

Explore Deal Room. You Will Love it!

Discover the options to make your events immersive, targeted, audience-centered. And positively surprise yourself.

AI-Powered Event Matchmaking

Deal Room utilizes AI for matchmaking. And, it never misses to ensure the best matchmaking. There is more to networking than just establishing connections. It is about building relationships that mutually benefit and last. It helps you, your sponsors, and your attendees get the most suitable matchmaking suggestions and high-quality leads to accelerate business growth. With deeper insights driven by analyzing the goals and interests of visitors, exhibitors, and sponsors, the matchmaking done by our AI is always spot on to help you take your business to the next level while ensuring the same for your attendees and sponsors.

Seamless Customer Support

When it matters, Deal Room Team is always there to help you utilize the platform's full potential, answer your queries, and support you with any roadblock. Because we listen to you. You can count on our all-encompassing assistance, from the onboarding process and creating your landing page to supporting you on the event day with the speakers and partners. We also assign a dedicated event success manager for every event organizer. In addition, we have developed a holistic resource center that you can access anytime to learn everything related to Deal Room and make yourself an expert in Deal Room. It’s you and your audience that we want to serve and delight.

Richer Audience Engagement

Deal Room is all about creating a richer engagement for your audience. Our event management platform provides a host of features such as instant chat, B2B meetings, virtual booths, live sessions, advanced filterings, and designated meeting and networking areas aimed to deliver deeper audience engagement. You can endow your sponsors and exhibitors with everything they need to engage the audience and drive data-backed insights for business growth. Make every interaction matter to the audience and take the right step towards the business goals of your exhibitors. With Deal Room, we make everyone a winner. And that is why we are different.

Built with Powerful Features and Integrations

Deal Room is not an ordinary event management platform. It is feature-rich and endowed with integration capabilities to apps, websites, and other platforms on diverse devices. All these work together in tandem with the audience requirements to create the most value-adding event experiences for everyone involved. Deal Room works with a mission in mind to help you host the most optimized and immersive events for your audiences, no matter if it is a virtual, in-person, or hybrid event. With Deal Room, you can now create events that everyone wants to be a part of. Always.

With Deal Room, No Event Is Too Complex to Manage.

Make events that open a million possibilities for business growth and ensure tailor-made event experiences for every single audience and exhibitor. Because every event matters and needs your attention.

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Startup/Tech Events
Leverage Deal Room's multiple features and organizing capabilities for flawless startup/tech events that create business value.
Networking Events
Help the audience and exhibitors make purpose-driven networks for sustained business growth.
Recruitment Events
Stay in control of recruitment drives with well-organized schedules and sessions for perfect employer-candidate fits.
Academic Events
Plan your academic events using diverse tools and functionalities to make them a grand success.
Media Events
Host impeccable media events and gather the community to create engagement and synergy.
Fair & Trade Shows
Make a virtual expo with vendor booths with meeting tables and floors to ensure inspirational audience interactions.

Customer Success Stories

Podim has always been a conference that encourages attendees to form meaningful connections, and this year has been the same. Attendees registered to the event, built their profile, enjoyed matchmaking and networking with Deal Room Events.

Podim Conference

Podim, one of the most influential startup & technology conferences in Europe, was held in-person this year.

1,000+ Attendees
3 Days
139 Investors
1,100+ Meetings
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