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How to Prepare Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

How to Prepare Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Enhanced event revenue plays a crucial role in the success of an event by providing the necessary funds to cover expenses and potentially generate a profit. One of the main resources of event revenue is selling sponsorship packages to relevant companies. 

Sponsorship plays a critical role in increasing event revenue by providing a source of funding and bringing in new audience members. Sponsors can provide financial support, in-kind donations, or both. For example, a sponsor may provide monetary support in exchange for the right to promote their products or services to event attendees. Utilizing this strategy can help offset event costs and allow organizers to focus on creating high-quality experiences for attendees.

With this blog post we aim to raise awareness about the importance of sponsorships and tactics of finding sponsors for our event. We will also share a downloadable presentation template that you can use for your event’s sponsorship proposals. 

How to find sponsors for our event

Finding event sponsors can be a bit of a challenge, but it's a great way to support your event and make it even better.

Finding and securing sponsors requires a well-executed plan that starts with identifying potential sponsors who align with the event’s goals and target audience. Event organizers can also reach out to past sponsors or consider partnering with local businesses.

Once potential sponsors are identified, event organizers can reach out to them with a well-crafted sponsorship proposal that highlights the benefits of sponsoring the event. The proposal should highlight the value that the sponsor will receive, such as increased brand exposure or the opportunity to engage with event attendees. Event organizers should also provide sponsors with clear, measurable objectives and be prepared to negotiate the terms of the sponsorship agreement. Maintaining open lines of communication with sponsors and delivering on the agreed-upon objectives will help ensure a successful sponsorship relationship.

Here are some strategies that can help you secure sponsors and make the most of those partnerships:

Identify potential sponsors: Research potential sponsors that align with your event's audience and theme.

Create a sponsorship package: It is essential to prepare a sponsorship package to attract sponsors. Create a sponsorship package with different levels, such as gold, silver, and bronze, with unique perks and exposure opportunities for each. 

Utilize social media and digital marketing: Use social media and digital marketing to promote your event and attract sponsors.

Offer unique perks: Make sponsors feel special by offering them impressive benefits like VIP access or speaking opportunities.

Build relationships: Establish strong relationships with sponsors and ensure that you meet their needs and expectations.

Use data to drive decision-making: Utilize data to make more captivating sponsorship packages for prospective sponsors, understand the ROI of your sponsorships, and guide your decisions.

Create a memorable experience: Create an unforgettable experience for your sponsors, so they will want to come back year after year.

Create ancillary revenue streams: Create additional revenue streams such as merchandise sales, ticket sales, and food and beverage sales.

Partner with other brands: Work with various brands to design an eye-catching event that will entice more sponsors.

Be creative: When it comes to sponsorships, be creative, think outside the box, and try to come up with unique ideas that will set your event apart from others.

How to Prepare a Sponsorship Presentation

A sponsorship presentation is a proposal in which you present different sponsorship options to do business. It is prepared to share the partnership opportunities in a formal, branded, detailed, and clear way. You can choose any format, such as a PowerPoint presentation, word document, printed catalog, or even a video. Generally, the most accepted and easy-to-communicate sponsorship presentation format is a PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides. The target audience might be a direct decision-maker, a team of decision-makers from different disciplines or a third-party agent working for the decision-makers. The format, the scope of content, and the channel might differ based on the audience.

What should be in it? 

Below is the important point to consider while preparing your sponsorship presentation: 

  1. Organizer Company Information: About, history, references, similar events
  2. Event Information: Industry, goal, date, place, format, audience, content, etc
  3. Target Company Information
  4. Emphasizing Event & Target Company Fit
  5. Sponsorship Packages
  6. Benefits to the target company

First of All: Organize Your Presentation

It's essential to structure your pitch and gather your ideas before speaking with prospective sponsors.

Don't give away all the details at once; you may start by highlighting the advantages sponsors can receive from supporting your project or event. Give sponsors a broad overview of the payoff to pique their interest and show them the potential value. Once you have established the benefits, it is time to delve into the specifics of how you will deliver them. To begin your presentation, start with a brief overview of why you have chosen this particular sponsor, emphasizing the shared target audience, values, and brand alignment. Next, present the macro benefits of the sponsorship, such as showcasing the sponsor's product, name, and logo for a specific period of time in front of a targeted audience. Following this, provide an overview of the event, including its goals, attendees, and relevant historical information. It is crucial to then explain how the sponsor fits into the overall picture and what specific role they will play in the event. Finally, conclude your presentation with a recap of the key points and a clear request for funding.

List Your Benefits

It is advised to first emphasize the advantages the sponsor will receive before revealing the cost of a potential sponsorship.

One of these advantages could be providing a targeted audience with a certain number of exposures to the sponsor's name and logo. An impression is a consumer's perception of a brand name, logo, or product. In addition, it is necessary to outline the amount of on-site signage the sponsor will receive, any inclusions they will receive on marketing materials, product sampling opportunities, free tickets, parking, food, and exposure on your website.

Demonstrate Expertise

It is beneficial to inform potential sponsors that you are experienced in event management. Provide an overview of the event's logistics, including diagrams of the layout, the number of staff required, the vendors you plan to use, the permits that are required, and the contingency plans for inclement weather. During the meeting, introduce key team members and avoid overwhelming sponsors with excessive verbal information. Instead, provide the relevant information on paper, which will assure sponsors that you are qualified and capable of executing a successful event without any issues or concerns.

Here is a free presentation template that you can use. Feel free to modify it based on your target audience, branding, event details and sponsorship packages.

Free Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Download Event Sponsorship Presentation Template

Welcome to the world of event revenue growth with Deal Room!

Deal Room platform is built with a variety of features to give sponsors, partners, and exhibitors the best possible brand visibility and commercial value. From matchmaking services that connect attendees with exhibitors to pre-scheduling 1-1 meetings and lead generation opportunities, our platform offers a variety of ways to monetize your in-person, virtual, and hybrid event. Additionally, our access control system and virtual and in-person event branding options provide additional revenue streams for event organizers.

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Lead Generation

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Access Control

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Event Engagement

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Event App

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Digital Visibility

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In conclusion, Deal Room is the premier alternative for event revenue growthand monetization. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that are unmatched by competitors. With the ability to brand virtual and in-person events and create a branded event app, Deal Room also offers event organizers a variety of revenue streams. But most importantly, we ensure that the sponsors are visible across all communication channels on the platform, which is the key to monetizing the event.

With Deal Room, you can be confident that your event will be a success and drive revenue growth.

March 27, 2023

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