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Event Registration Software for Better Event Experiences

Deal Room brings you an all-inclusive and fully-featured event registration software to facilitate delivering the best event experience across all event types.

What is Deal Room’s Event Registration?

The success of an event starts from the registration stage. Understanding this, Deal Room offers powerful event registration software that helps make the event successful for the organizers, sponsors, and attendees. You can also use creative and easy-to-build landing pages for registration and signups.

Deliver the Ultimate Event Registration Experience

With unique functionalities to streamline event registration, deliver the best sign-up experience to your attendees than you ever thought is possible.

Simple Registration Flow

With a simple and end-to-end event registration platform, help your attendees register themselves for your onsite, online, and hybrid events with ease.

Build Bespoke Landing Page

Impress and engage your attendees via your highly customizable landing page poised with modular blocks that display your event schedule, content, and speakers and plan for an intuitive browsing experience.

Customizable Form Builder

Use our event registration solution to build effective forms with conditional, multi-text, and open-text questions to acquire the data you need for a more comprehensive understanding of diverse attendee groups.

Seamless Onboarding

Deal Room’s event registration software allows you to integrate speaker, sponsor, and agenda content into your custom-build landing pages from the event dashboard of Deal Room for easy attendee onboarding.

Back-end Data Integrations

Use the integration capabilities of the event registration tool to pull a variety of data heads into your CRM or marketing automation tools. Create targeted promotional campaigns and individualized follow-up communication strategies using the data gathered.

Embeddable Widget

Embed your event registration form into third-party websites to enable single ticket flows from these websites to improve event registrations and inquiries.

A Made-to-Fit Event Registration Solution for All Your Events

With Deal Room’s event registration software, you can create and manage the registration process for onsite, online, and hybrid events of varied scope and sizes. With the ability to customize the event’s registration, the solution makes it simpler for people to register for your event on any platform without any holdup.

Tailor Make Your Event Registration with Ease

Create bespoke event registration processes, forms, and procedures using Deal Room without the usual hassles that come with event registration.

  • Customize All Event Registration Process

    Craft and deliver a unique branded experience for users with a range of landing pages, custom forms, promotional content, and domains.

  • Capture All Relevant Event Data in One Place

    Understand your audience better to tailor their best event experience by bringing diverse data metrics to a single platform for analysis and insight generation.

  • Manage Sponsors and Exhibitor Staff

    Bring the exhibitors’ staff to the Event Builder Studio without having to go through painful, long, and intricate integrations.

  • Measure the Results

    Gather Key Performance Indexes from your event based on the attendee interaction data, booth interaction metrics, and attendee engagement reports to measure the success of your event and strategize for the next.

Assured Event Engagement and Success with Efficient Event Registration

Make your event a meaningful opportunity to build authentic business relationships using Deal Room’s inclusive event registration software.

  • Seamless Attendee Experience

    Deliver a personalized customer journey for the users throughout the event with single access across the event’s sessions and meetings.

  • Data-Rich Forms for Better Networking

    Create highly individualized and targeted business matchmaking and networking experiences for attendees by collecting attendee data using customizable forms.

  • Exhibitor Lead Management

    Manage and improve lead capturing to assure exhibitor success and better event ROI by bolstering lead capturing using lead scoring and collaborative note-taking at the event.

Flawless Onsite Attendee Registration

Having made the entire registration process streamlined, easy, and brisk, Deal Room renders an efficient registration experience for attendees.

Badge Printing

Effectively manage badge printing to help the attendees use the badge to share their contact and other details with other attendees and exhibitors for superior networking.

QR Code Scanning

Scan the QR code of the attendees to quickly add them to your contact list and build a high-value database of potential leads and customers for relationship building and networking.

Self-Serve Check-In

Deal Room replaces long queues for the participants to enter the event with a simple and quick self-serve check-in option that is efficient and convenient for the participants and organizers.

Access Control

Allow or restrict attendees’ access to specific areas, meetings, and sessions during the event with a powerful and robust access control system built into Deal Room.

Ticketing Integration

Integrate various ticketing options into Deal Room’s event registration page to organize, prioritize, and manage ticketing with ease.

Importing Attendee Lists

Take advantage of Deal Room data exporting capabilities to import attendee lists from other platforms or online databases to ensure the best event attendee management experience.

Email and SMS Communication

Communicate the status of event registration via e-mail and SMS communication from the platform itself to keep the participants updated with the status of their registration.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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