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An Intelligent Event App to Manage All Events

Craft and deliver individualized event experiences to sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees through our Android and iOS apps.

What is Deal Room Event App?

Our event app intends to deliver an exceptional event participation experience. It also helps the participants create their schedules, meet-ups, and matchmaking sessions. The app also promotes interactions and engagement between the participants for accurate relationship building and business opportunities. Take full advantage of the app for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.

The Best Event App to Create Lasting Event Experience for Attendees

Deliver maximum value to your participants by assuring the best event experience while reducing cost and improving engagement.

Branded Mobile App

The mobile app reflects your brand’s personality, aesthetics, and specific guidelines to make it your brand’s assistant for the audience. Event organizers can also design the app using impressive visuals or brand assets provided by the sponsors and exhibitors.

Networking and Engagement

The app ensures superior engagement and networking with diverse features that promote interactions between participants and exhibitors.

AI Business Matchmaking

The app uses Deal Room’s AI-matchmaking capability to find the most suitable matching options based on attendee and exhibitor profiles.

Messaging and Chat

The participants can use built-in messaging and chat features to interact with exhibitors and other participants, partake in polls and surveys, and engage in QA for better engagement.

Program and Agenda

Exhibitor can create, publish and update their agendas as needed. The attendees can create their schedules based on exhibitors’ agendas for meetings and sessions.


Event organizers can promote and display the exhibitors and sponsors throughout the app in every way they prefer to improve lead generation during the event.

The All-in-One App for All Kinds of Events

Provide on-site and virtual participants with the ability to manage their event schedules, interact and engage with sponsors and exhibitors, stay updated with event programs, access event content, and network without limit before, during, and after the event.

Build Your Custom Event App with All the Features You Want

Deal Room helps create the most suitable and bespoke event app with all the features you want that align perfectly with the event you will host.

  • Customizable Event App

    Deal Room’s event apps allow you to customize your event as per your goals and preferences with a myriad of colors, icons, menus, and a host of other brand elements.

  • Add Content Effortlessly

    Every event is a singular chapter. It must have features to upkeep its uniqueness. You can edit the app's content individually or by importing them in bulk.

  • Manage Different Profiles

    With the Deal Room app, you can easily set up and manage the profiles of each exhibitor and sponsor on the app to improve their networking potential.

Designed to Help Attendees and Exhibitors Drive More Business

Deal Room’s event app helps attendees and exhibitors take advantage of the event in the best way possible for better leads and business.

  • Match and Connect Attendees and Exhibitors with AI

    Unlock better and more relevant connections using our AI-powered matching feature and private meeting schedule to nurture the connections into real-world business relationships.

  • Create Sponsor and Exhibitor Profiles

    Event organizers can create and manage booths, profiles, and company pages and brand them adding rich content for sponsors and exhibitors to make it easier for attendees to bookmark and engage with the sponsors and exhibitors.

  • Monetize Visibility and Lead Generation

    Make it exceedingly easier for exhibitors to scan the business cards and attendee badges during the event and collect participants’ contact information. The app also helps ensure better monetization and lead generation opportunities by helping participants contextualize potential meetings, add notes, and export and sync lead with their CRM platforms.

  • Assure Personalized Experiences for Attendees

    Make the event a unique and tailor-made experience for each attendee based on their profile by offering them instant access to all key event details, live and upcoming sessions, and surveys with a personalized and dynamic home screen.

Prepare Yourself for an Incredible Event Day

Deliver the most captivating and holistic event experience to your audience with a plethora of engagement opportunities such as interactive floorplans, wayfinding, private messaging, and more.

Badge Printing

Manage badge printing easily and enable the audience to use them for trouble-free contact sharing and networking.

QR Code Scanning

Simply scanning the QR code will add attendees to your contact list, allowing you to build new business ties and generate leads.

Self-Service Check-In

Avoid cumbersome and manual entry into the event by using the self-service check-in feature to enter the event.

Access Control

Use the app’s access control feature to allow or restrict attendees' access to diverse event areas and sessions for successful event management.

Schedule Meeting in a Snap

Enable attendees and exhibitors to create meetings and sessions with each other a week before the event for better networking and engagement.

Comprehensive Filtering

Sift attendees and exhibitors based on their sectors, roles, and jobs using the app’s extensive filtering system to find the best and most relevant networking matches.

Instant Chat

Ensure that your networking and engagement meetings are a massive success by using the instant chat features offered by the event app.

Individual Agenda

Sign in to the event app, review the event calendar, and make tailor-made agendas by adding networking sessions and meetings to your profile.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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