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Event Matchmaking Software for Your Business Success

Deal Room’s AI-powered event matchmaking software provides optimal interaction among organizers, sponsors, and attendees to create exceptional matchmaking events.

What is Deal Room Matchmaking Software

Deal Room Al-matchmaking algorithm recommends the best match for each attendee based on learnings from thousands of events to enhance business prospects.

With the help of Deal Room's matchmaking engine, event organizers can easily handle any type of meeting and simplify even the most complex matchmaking events. Our matchmaking software enables participants, exhibitors, and partners to have meetings and develop their professional relationships at matchmaking tables and areas.

How It Works


Your attendees intend to network effectively. They want to find and select their ideal match based on their fields of interest.

Identify Relevant Matches

The Al-matchmaking algorithm identifies and recommends the relevant matches for attendees based on learnings from thousands of events.

Simple Meeting Arrangement

After finding a relevant match, attendees arrange a meeting at a time convenient for both participants. The Deal Room matchmaking software then assigns them a table or an area to hold meetings.

Matchmaking Features for Maximizing Interactions

We have woven engagement and networking to the very core of the platform to maximize interactions.

AI Meeting Recommender

Our AI-based Meeting Recommender identifies the best matches for each attendee to ensure smooth and productive matchmaking.

Meeting Agenda

Your participants can build a personal agenda by adding sessions from the event program, or by booking meetings with other event attendees.

Messaging and Chat

Participants can directly connect before, during, and after the event using the built-in chat feature in Deal Room, strengthening business ties.

Rich Filtering

The various customizable filtering options based on several significant criteria provide participants and exhibitors with a user-friendly experience that facilitates their work.

Auto Notifications

The platform offers highly focused push notifications and reminders to keep your audiences interested and engaged.

Performance Analytics

This feature allows you to analyze your event's performance and evaluate the matchmaking results. You can drive insights from the data collected to improve your upcoming events.

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The Deal Room AI Meeting Recommendation System employs machine learning algorithms to learn from a significant amount of data and recommends suitable profiles to each participant.

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Set Up Your Matchmaking Powered by AI

Define your networking rules and drive results with AI-powered technology

  • Simply Set Up and Apply Your Own Matchmaking Rules

    Set your rules and values, apply them precisely and conveniently with the Deal Room platform, and create the best event and outcome together with your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

  • Manage Time Slots and Meeting Areas

    Through the Event Builder, event organizers can adjust meeting time slots and areas for participants and exhibitors.

  • Set Participation Types

    The Event Builder of the event organizer has three alternatives listed. You can allow participants to specify their participation type when entering the platform.

  • Follow Meetings on the Go

    Event organizers can keep track of the number of meetings arranged and attended, the participants involved, and other essential details to achieve effective event management.

Attendees and Exhibitors Matchmakings

Before and during your event, create remarkable engagement involving attendees and exhibitors.

  • One-on-One and One-on-Many Meetings

    The opportunity to arrange one-on-one and one-on-many meetings significantly improve the matchmaking process for participants and exhibitors.

  • Group Networking and Roundtables

    Participants and exhibitors have the opportunity to meet with their target attendees and expand their networks through group networking and roundtables.

  • Pre-Scheduling Meetings

    Schedule your meetings in advance to remain in control over the matchmaking and networking process.

  • Networking Even After the Event

    Creating meaningful connections is one factor; keeping them is another. If you don't wish to close your events, leave them open!

Intelligent Event App and Matchmaking Platform to Engage Your Attendees

Your success platform can fit in your pocket! We developed this platform to help you optimize your events and maximize your attendee's engagement. Everything is in the palm of your hand with our intelligent event app. Our event app and matchmaking platform provide extensive functionalities and meaningful data to increase the engagement of your attendees.

Reliable Event Platform to Ensure Value-Adding Attendee Meeting and Sponsor Leads

Relevance Matchmaking Algorithm

Use Deal Room’s AI-powered matchmaking algorithm to find and suggest matching options based on relevance to the attendees and sponsors.

Private One-on-One Meetings

Participants and exhibitors can arrange one-on-one meetings with each other and manage their time and meeting slots.

Easy Meeting Scheduling

Exhibitors and participants can create and schedule meetings with each other weeks before the event and turn it into a roaring success.

Pre-Assigned Tables

Make pre-assigned tables for attendees and participants to avoid ambiguity during meetings and networking sessions.

Badge Printing

Manage badge printing so the participants can use the badges to share contact with others for connecting and networking.

QR Code Scanning

Scan QR code to add attendees to the contact and generate leads without the hassles of manually adding contact details.

Self-Serve Check-In

Enter the event area with self-serve check-in without waiting for the event organizers to let the participants in manually.

Access Control

Control the access to different areas and sessions at the event venue with unique access control systems right from the Deal Room platform.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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Midwest Tech is a startup investor tech event organized twice a year. The events in 2021 and 2022 were hosted on Deal Room Platform.  “Midwest Tech brings together Midwest-based and Midwest-linked startups, VCs, angel investors, and other resources, focused...

Midwest Tech

2-day events, pure matchmaking and networking. Discover, connect with, and easily set up one-on-one meetings.

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