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Expo Management Software that Creates Real Value

Deal Room’s efficient expo management tools ease trade show and exhibition management, networking, and lead generation.

What is Deal Room expo management?

Expo management is making sure that sponsors, partners or any company that has an exhibition right at the event get the most out of the event in terms of business value. Whether the event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, event organizers lead the registration process smoothly, build matchmaking opportunities and attract high potential and quality prospects to expo areas with Deal Room’s expo management features.

Maximize your Event’s ROI
with Superb Expo Management Features

Deal Room has comprehensive features in order to simplify expo management and create value for your expo owners.

Event Registration

Impress and engage your attendees via customizable landing pages that display your event name in the web domain, branding, event schedule, content, and speakers. Let them fill out their event profiles based on onboarding and filtering questions you identified.

Event Check-in & Badge Printing

As the attendees come to the venue, they show the QR code on their event ticket or registration confirmation on the registration desk. Once the QR code is scanned, the personalized badge with the profile info will easily be printed. It can be stuck to ready-to-use branded badges.

Visitor - Exhibitor Matchmaking

Exhibitors can contact attendees via our platform, chat or arrange meetings at the booths. Event participants are also able to explore the booths & stands and interact with company's team members by sending meeting requests or chat messages. They also receive meeting notifications real-time on the Event App.

Lead Generation

Whether it is an in-person or virtual event, exhibitors can easily add their colleagues to the booth. The team can collect leads via meetings and contact info QR code scanning. Event participants are able to explore the booths and contact company's team members by sending meeting requests or chat messages.

Venue Map

Map feature allows attendees to explore the event area, sponsors, stands and stages. Attendees can identify their points of interest days before the event day and be ready for the big day.


Brand the booth with visuals and company information, just as you would do at a trade show. Catalogs and videos can also be uploaded to HTML-rich virtual booth areas. It is simple to upload company information.

Effective Expo Management that Creates Real Business Value

Boost your event revenue while maximizing the value your participants get

  • Sponsorship Opportunities:

    Deal Room provides many options for event organizers to monetize their expo event. The platform makes it easier for sponsors and exhibitors to attract attendees to their booths. Branding options provide event organizers with extra sponsorship opportunities.

  • Access Control:

    Allow or restrict attendees’ access to specific areas, meetings, and sessions during the event with a powerful and robust access control system built into Deal Room.

  • Importing Attendee Lists:

    Take advantage of Deal Room data capabilities to import attendee lists from other platforms or online databases to ensure the best event attendee management experience.

  • Lead Generation:

    Whether it is an in-person or virtual event, exhibitors can collect leads via meetings and contact info QR code scanning. They can check the full attendee list weeks before the event day, identify target prospects and shoot meeting invitations.

  • Booth Team:

    Adding multiple team members to a virtual booth provides a better interaction opportunity among event attendees and company representatives. There is no limit to the number of team members that could be assigned to a virtual booth.

  • Networking With Expo Companies:

    Event participants are able to explore the booths and have interactive opportunities with expo company's team members by sending meeting requests or chat messages. They can enlarge their network for their existing or potential business.

  • Analytics:

    You can access the data of attendees organizing meetings, visiting a particular booth or check your company representatives meeting schedules in order to understand which booth member contacted whom.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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Eurocities Economic Development Forum

The Eurocities development forum is hosted twice each year for members of the network. It is made up of 190 cities in 39 countries representing 130 million people. Oulu city held one online event this year to bring the vast network of people on Deal Room platform together to share ideas.

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