Don't Miss! 2023 Event Industry Trends for Event Organizers

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Learn more about how to simply organise engaging events.

In the age of digital connectivity and virtual interactions, in-person events still hold an irreplaceable role in marketing strategies. These gatherin
Business networking and matchmaking events have become an integral aspect of the business world, offering exhibitors the opportunity to promote their
After years of hardship in the tourism industry, attending industry events and trade fairs is a perfect way to get your business on the road to recove
Creating a comprehensive and effective communication plan can be challenging, especially for large-scale events. Deal Room's experts have provided thi
As event organizers, we all want to plan successful events that leave a lasting impact on our attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. However, t
Enhanced event revenue plays a crucial role in the success of an event by providing the necessary funds to cover expenses and potentially generate a p
After an intense preparation process and a successful event, the event organizers breathe a sigh of relief and focus on their next event. In that peri
Organizing an event without a roadmap will result in you forgetting many details and encountering many problems. Using a checklist will help you keep
As an event organizer, selecting the right venue can be challenging. Multiple factors, including budget, location, capacity, and amenities, must be co
Despite the importance of revenue growth for event success, many organizers struggle to achieve significant revenue growth. Here's where this blog pos
Deal Room Events experts recognize the difficulties and challenges with event check-in and badge management, from long lines and slow processing to se
The Deal Room Events experts have written this article to give you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about business matchmaking
As 2022 comes to an end, we as many event professionals think about our new learnings and near-future expectations for the event industry. The industr
Deal Room believes each event has a story to tell and must create a meaningful experience. A purposeful event is possible with proper event management
Introduction We have seen how effective virtual events can be in the ever-changing pandemic landscape. They provide value-added, engagement-driven exp
Being efficient at networking is one of the most important parts of events, it is a great possibility to meet people and develop your professional net
After a period of solely relying on virtual experiences due to environmental challenges, the rise of in-person experiences has begun to gain more popu
If you’re an event planner, you know the rush that comes with planning the perfect gathering. There’s the search for the perfect venue, picking ta
Do you have carefully selected breaking-the-ice phrases you would use when approaching new people at an event? “So, what brought you here today?”
How to Create an Online Event? From Idea to Execution. With companies shifting globally towards remote work, people are used to consuming
Nowadays, the event industry is thriving with an abundance of virtual event software. It can be dull to scroll through page after page of different ev

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