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Seamless Integrations for Improved Event Functionality

Bring all your favourite apps to the Deal Room platform through simple integrations and deliver the best event experience for sponsors, exhibitors, participants and your team for better event management.

Integration Capabilities and Built-in Features You Will Love

With a wide range of outbound and integration features and capabilities, Deal Room makes it easy for organizers, exhibitors, and participants to make the best out of each event. These features built into the event management platform allow the users to customize the solutions as per each event’s specific goals and needs.

Integration Capabilities and Built-in Features for a Successful Event

Deal Room brings a gamut of features and integration capabilities to fit your event-specific needs and goals.

RTMP, OBS, or vMix

Use Deal Room’s unique Conference Solution or integrate live video streaming solutions such as RTMP, OBS, or vMix to stream your event content uninterrupted within the platform and a comprehensive experience with all types of events.

Ticketing and CRM

Create the most satisfying ticketing and CRM experience by empowering yourself with Deal Room’s unified integration capabilities that help to organize, prioritize, and manage ticketing and customer relationships.

Website iFrame

Deal Room’s custom-built iFrame lets the attendees and exhibitors have the best event experience by making it easier to embed speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor lists on the website.

3rd Party Plugins

Never miss an insight with Deal Room’s integration features that allow you to easily enable various third-party trackers and plug-ins on the platform. This feature ensures effective data aggregation and analytics, timely customer service, and a bespoke event experience.

Deal Room’s Own Conference Tool

Deal Room has its own built-in conference tool. In case you don't prefer to integrate Zoom or any other external conference tool, you can host your participants inside the platform. All types of sessions and 1-1 meetings can be held inside Deal Room.

Data Import

Import and export a variety of attendee data files and stacks using Deal Room’s integration feature from and to your CRM, e-mail, or online registration platform to ensure the best event experience for participants, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Integrate Any Streaming, CRM, or Event Provider to Deal Room

No matter what kind of streaming, CRM, or event provider you use, integrate them to Deal Room quickly for the assured success of your events.

Want Us to Add a New Integration? We've Got You

Deal Room expands its library of integration capabilities in every possible way. We add new integrations monthly to make Deal Room an inclusive platform for comprehensive event management. If you want to add a few tools, platforms, or applications to our integration capability, talk to us.

Built-in Features and Integrations

Part of what makes Deal Room such a great and easy-to-use event management platform is the collection of built-in features and integration options. With such expansive capabilities, customizing an event is a walk in the park.

A host of built-in features and integration opportunities that Deal Room offers its users make it one of the most reliable event management platforms in the field. With Deal Room, it is super-easy to manage your event and ensure a holistic event experience for everyone.

  • Deal Room allows you to host page access to resources from another website.
  • Deal Room is compatible with Tito, Eventbrite, and XING.
  • Other ticketing systems take a few minutes to integrate.

High-Quality Live Streaming

Never worry about the quality of your streaming even without any prior experience in video production. Deal Room’s highly capable Livestream Studio makes sure that your live streaming is of impeccable quality to deliver the most immersive watching experience to your audiences across platforms.

  • Deal Room enables you to stream live or pre-recorded videos of any length directly into your event.
  • Make the stream top-notch and tailor-made using banners, overlays, lower thirds, brand logos, and many more.

Real-Time Online Analytics

Drive intelligent, data-backed insights from each event using Deal Room’s online analytics capabilities in real time. Gather every possible data stack you need about the event from Deal Room with a few clicks and export the same for analysis. At the same time, you can also use Deal Room’s built-in analytics capabilities to see how successful and efficient the event was, how many business relationships were made, the participation rate for sessions and booths, etc. You can use the data to evaluate against KPIs and plan the upcoming events to make them even more successful and strategise the events using data-driven insights.

Deal Room App to Connect Better with Your Audience

Manage your events and integrations on the go with the highly capable and robust mobile app of Deal Room developed for iOS and Android. The app can be used to do everything that you can do on the Deal Room web platform. With diverse profiles for organizers, participants, and exhibitors, the app makes it seamless for the users to create, organize, and manage events, schedules, and individual agendas. Download the app and create the most immersive and value-adding business growth opportunities with an exciting event wherever you are.

Are You Ready for the Big Event Day?

Stop worrying about the event day. Deal Room can turn your event into the most successful and value-adding experience for everyone.

Badge Printing

Manage and organize badge printing with Deal Room to make it easier for contact sharing and database creation.

QR Code Scanning

Scan the QR code for a variety of purposes from contact sharing, profile identification, check-in, and venue access control.

Self-Serve Check-In

Participants can use the self-serve check-in option to gain access to the event venue without the trouble of manual check-ins.

Access Control

Allow or restrict attendees to various venues, programs, and sessions using Deal Room’s ably developed access control features.

Easy Meeting Scheduling

Use Deal Room to schedule meetings with potential business associates, clients, and customers with ease.

Comprehensive Filtering

Help your participants and exhibitors find suitable business partners by using various filters for accurate business matchmaking.

Instant Chat

Ensure higher value and engagement for your participants and sponsors by helping them chat with each other on the platform itself.

Individual Agenda

Enable the participants to create event-specific individual agendas of the sessions they want to attend and follow them on the platform.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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The three-day event was powered by Deal Room Management platform. As Deal Room Team, we are proud to host such an innovative event that leverages community networks to bring people together and accelerate business growth. The event recorded the attendance of...

Chicago Venture Summit

World Business Chicago, the city’s public-private economic development agency, led the largest Chicago Venture Summit in September, 2021, connecting founders with leading investors and Fortune 500 leaders. Over 60% of the 600+ registered participants were women and people of color, representing Chicago’s commitment to equity and diversity.

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