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Lead Generation Software to Ensure Higher Event ROIs

Deal Room endows your sponsors and exhibitors with all the features they need to maximize their lead generation opportunities.

What is Deal Room Lead Generation Software?

The lead generation software solution works for the sponsors and exhibitors to improve their visibility and lead generation in each event. Exhibitors and sponsors can leverage various capabilities and features of the software to bolster their event ROI. They can capture high-quality leads based on numerous criteria to assess each attendee’s profile and maximize quality networking and matchmaking.

All the Features You Need for Better Lead Generation

The lead generation software helps you create the ideal lead persona and add qualifying information to generate leads with high chances of conversion.

Targeted Lead Retrieval

With various features and tools for lead retrieval, Deal Room supports sponsors and exhibitors in effectively acquiring, qualifying, and following up leads all under the same roof. This helps the exhibitors and sponsors bolster their ROIs.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Deal Room makes it easier for sponsors and exhibitors to attract attendees to their booths with lead scoring and touchless lead retrieval in in-person events so that they never miss any crucial prospects.

Business Matchmaking

With a highly advanced AI for business matchmaking, Deal Room helps you find the most suitable matches for the sponsors and exhibitors and improve their lead generation opportunities.

Sponsored Sections & Ads

Provide sponsors and exhibitors with unlimited visibility during your events. Deal Room gives exhibitors and sponsors a variety of brandable areas where they may use their logos, visuals, and marketing collaterals to generate more leads.

QR Business Card Scanning

Collect attendees’ details and contact information by simply scanning their badges and QR codes using Deal Room to create a comprehensive database that the exhibitors can use to strategize targeted promotional campaigns and follow-ups.

ROI Measurement

Measure the success of your event and the ROI by evaluating Key Performing Indexes. Trace and assess top-performing sales areas with the help of highly advanced analytics provided on the Event Builder Panel.

Generate Leads Across Onsite,
Online, and Hybrid Events

As a highly advanced and easy-to-use event management platform, Deal Room helps sponsors and exhibitors create impressive lead generation opportunities with diverse options to interact with attendees, brand events, and build better business relationships.

Boost Sponsors’ Sales and Lead Generation Efficiency

With the lead generation software from Deal Room, it is quite simple for sponsors and exhibitors to add qualifying information, gather leads, and ensure timely follow-ups with their CRMs.

  • Meet with Attendees at Designated Meeting Areas

    Deal Room’s AI algorithm finds the best match for the event sponsors so that they can have one-on-one meetings with such participants at designated meeting areas. This helps your partners generate leads with high chances of conversion.

  • Design Booths to Maximize ROI

    Empower your sponsors and exhibitors by providing them with a range of premium booth design options and templates to make their booths stand out and attract more footfall.

  • Create Business-Building Opportunities

    Sponsors and exhibitors can take advantage of several meetings, sessions, and product demonstrations to create and deliver the most pertinent content to the right participants to build better business relationships.

  • Scan Badges and Business Cards

    By scanning the participants’ badges, exhibitors and sponsors can allow them entry to their booths and branded meeting areas for diverse activities such as workshops, gift handouts, and lectures.

Lead Attendees to Sponsors and Exhibitors

Enable better relationship building between exhibitors and participants by scheduling meetings during and after the event to further the relationships.

  • Fair Area and Booths

    Deal Room offers exhibition areas and booths to help sponsors and attendees meet, interact with, and build business associations with each other.

  • Live Video Streaming

    Participants can engage in the live sessions delivered by the sponsors and interact with them via chat or QA sessions.

  • One-on-one and One-on-Many Meeting Tables

    Attendees can interact and network with sponsors and exhibitors at virtual or physical meeting tables in the designated meeting areas.

  • Gamification Activities

    With Deal Room, you can also gather the details of key events, such as current and upcoming sessions, booth information, and speaker details, as well as partake in surveys with an individualized and dynamic home screen as per their registration.

Best Lead Generation and Management Platform for Any Event

QR Code Scanning

Scan the QR code of participants to add them to your contact list, which allows you to build an extensive database for easy contact-sharing, networking, and marketing.

Lead Manager

The Lead Manager offered by Deal Room allows you to collect the leads from the Admin Panel to qualify them in bulk and ensure timely follow-ups.

Sync Contacts

Add the collected and collated contacts from the events into your CRM for highly targeted follow-ups and use them for ongoing promotional campaigns.

Quick and Easy Check-In

The participants can check in to the event without undergoing extensive manual entry procedures. They can use the self-service option for hassle-free and swift check-in.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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EXB Asia Esports Business Summit

EXB Asia was successfully held online for the first time due to the COVID pandemic which enabled people from all over the region to be invited. If the event had been held solely as an in-person event in Thailand, the numbers generated from attendees outside the country would have not been possible.

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