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Simply Create Engaging
In-Person Events

Ensure effortless event management, enhanced onsite audience engagement and quality leads with Deal Room’s extensive tools.

All Tools You Need To Manage In-person Events.

Deal Room platform comes with a host of features and never-before tools to help you expertly manage your in-person events and ensure next-level audience engagement.

Lead Generation

Deal Room helps your sponsors and audiences generate high-quality leads through a multitude of options. With diverse networking and engagement options, Deal Room pushes ahead your partner’s chance of lead generation.

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Sponsors and Exhibitors

Deal Room makes it easy to manage and onboard sponsors and exhibitors. Enable your sponsors and exhibitors to collect and process leads quickly and utilize the platform’s fully branded sponsorship opportunities to improve ROIs.

Business Matchmaking

Deal Room uses an AI-powered business matchmaking algorithm to help your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors find suitable networking and business opportunities. They can create sustainable business relationships right at in-person meetings.

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Manage the registration process comprehensively with diverse tools and features to ensure that your attendees and audiences have the best and most effortless registration experience with Deal Room.

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Engagement and Networking

Create exceptional engagement and networking opportunities for your attendees and audiences with dedicated networking and meeting areas. We have woven engagement and networking to the very core of the platform.

Event App

Deal Room brings a robust mobile app for Android and iOS users with a seamless user interface to help you carry out everything you can do on our web platform. Take your event management solution with you.

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End-to-End Event Management Platform

AI-Based Engagement

Network Better: Deal Room takes advantage of AI-based engagement to endow the participants and sponsors with seamless networking and engagement experiences during the event.

Custom Branding

Stand Out: Customize the event platform, mails and registration page with the sponsor’s or your own visuals. The Deal Room platform is fully brandable. Sponsors can use it to stand out, ensure better engagement and generate more leads with Deal Room’s branding options.

Event Builder

Build Events Faster: With versatile tools offered by Deal Room, you can host and organize events at full tilt by creating sessions, inviting attendees and managing them with ease.

Mobile App

Events on the Go: With the high-performing and powerful mobile application that runs on both iOS and Android, manage your events and interact with partners and participants, wherever you are..

Email & SMS Manager

Better Communication: Using Deal Room's extensive email and SMS manager, always keep in touch with the sponsors, exhibitors, or attendees. The email and SMS manager enables event organizers to send reminders and informational emails to panelists, partners and participants and improve the participation rate and event engagement.

Pre-Scheduling & Pre-Booking

Manage Schedule: Deal Room offers plenty of pre-scheduling and pre-booking options to help participants and partners to send meeting requests to each other. This feature gives them many opportunities to plan the event day based on the schedule, as well as help them in arranging meetings day.

Tools for Analytics

Drive Insights: With various data tools and systems, you can drive valuable insights about the number of sessions, industries, participant demographics, etc., to determine the event's success and scale it.

QR Code Badge Scan & Check-In

Streamlined Check-Ins: Deal Room allows you to integrate QR codes into the attendee badge and scan the same while checking in. It helps you quickly understand who has attended the event and who has not to make event management even smoother.

Organizing an In-person Event?

Let Deal Room help you make it intelligent and more engaging.

Reliable Event Platform to Ensure Value-Adding Attendee Meeting and Sponsor Leads

Effectively manage attendee meetings and generate top-notch sponsor leads using Deal Room’s extensive features and tools designed for successful event management.

Dedicated Zone for Networking

You can create dedicated zones for meeting and networking as the organizer for the participants to interact, connect and network with each other.

Sponsor Branded Meeting Area

Brand meeting areas with the sponsor’s visuals to improve the physical visibility of your sponsor’s brand for lead generation and brand awareness.

Sponsored B2B Tables

Create sponsored tables and brand them with the sponsor’s name for stronger networking interactions and leads during business-to-business events.

Venue Map Insertion

Make it easier for your attendees and participants to navigate the event venue by inserting a detailed map of the venue.

Relevance Matchmaking Algorithm

Use Deal Room’s AI-powered matchmaking algorithm to find and suggest matching options based on relevance to the attendees and sponsors.

Private One-on-One Meetings

Participants and exhibitors can arrange one-on-one meetings with each other and manage their time and meeting slots.

Easy Meeting Scheduling

Exhibitors and participants can create and schedule meetings with each other weeks before the event and turn it into a roaring success.

Pre-Assigned Tables

Make pre-assigned tables for attendees and participants to avoid ambiguity during meetings and networking sessions.

Event-Specific Attendee Profile

Attendees and partners can create event-specific profiles and significantly improve their matchmaking experience.

Comprehensive Filtering

Use the comprehensive filtering options on Deal Ream to filter attendees and participants based on their roles, jobs and sectors.

Instant Chat

Take advantage of the built-in chat with Deal Room to connect with relevant participants for better networking and success.

Individual Agenda

Sign in to Deal Room and create unique individual agendas by adding meetings and networking sessions to your profile.

Badge Printing

Manage badge printing so the participants can use the badges to share contact with others for connecting and networking.

QR Code Scanning

Scan QR code to add attendees to the contact and generate leads without the hassles of manually adding contact details.

Self-Serve Check-In

Enter the event area with self-serve check-in without waiting for the event organizers to let the participants in manually.

Access Control

Control the access to different areas and sessions at the event venue with unique access control systems right from the Deal Room platform.

Advanced, User-Friendly Yet Simple Event Builder Studio

Deal Room Studio enables you to create exceptional and value-adding in-person events, manage the events, add participants to them and make them an exceptional networking opportunity for your participants. You can do all that under the same umbrella with Deal Room.

Quick & Easy Onboarding

By managing their sessions, agendas and meetings, give all the attention to your sponsors based on their sponsorship. Brand, the dedicated meeting and networking zones, using the sponsors’ brand identities for physical presence and on your emails, materials and event booth on Deal Room.
Manage the booths of your sponsors from Deal Room. Ensure that the booths dedicated to the sponsors are branded with their logo, banner and other contact details. It enables sponsors to get undivided attention from attendees and participants for better networking options. Deal Room also gives sponsors access to enable them to manage their own booth easily.
From Deal Room’s Event Studio, access, revise and manage diverse agendas and programs. Whether you are an organizer, participant, or speaker, you will have individual options to manage the agendas to ensure that your experience in the event is top-notch and seamless without any hassles.

Mobile App for a More Connected Audience

Download the Deal Room mobile app to experience convenience. Users can manage their schedules, create personal agendas and get details on various sessions at the event on their mobile. The app has all the functions and capabilities that the Deal Room platform offers on the web. You can use it on iOS and Android devices to manage events on the go.

A Variety of Features to Customize Your Event Experience

Creating unique experiences for the participants, sponsors, speakers is a challenging job for organizers with setting up and managing events. However, Deal Room brings an array of features and tools that streamline all event management efforts of organizers. The carefully designed and developed capabilities help the organizer ensure that the participants get the most unique, customized and engaging experiences while making event management even easier.

We Help You Make All Your Events Successful

When it comes to in-person events, the success of the event rests chiefly on the effective management and scheduling of the event, sessions and meetings. With Deal Room, you can confidently do that as our Event Success Team is always ready to help you with any issue you face in the unlikely event that you hit a roadblock. Our service support team stays with you from the beginning of events until their completion to ensure that the event progresses as intended and is a huge success for everyone involved.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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EXB Asia Esports Business Summit
Why did we decide to organize a virtual event? It was mainly due to the unstable situation under the COVID pandemic, but I thought it was also good to invite people from the region efficiently. If we held the physical event in Thailand, then we would have...

EXB Asia Esports Business Summit

EXB Asia was successfully held online for the first time due to the COVID pandemic which enabled people from all over the region to be invited. If the event had been held solely as an in-person event in Thailand, the numbers generated from attendees outside the country would have not been possible.

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