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Simply Build and
Manage Virtual Events

Design immersive virtual events for your audience, and manage them with our all-purpose event management platform.

All the Features You Want in a Virtual Event Platform

Do everything you possibly want to do in a virtual event platform with a range of features tailored to help you create and manage stunning virtual events.

Live Video Streaming

Connect live or recorded video streaming from other platforms to Deal Room without any usual hassles.

Networking and Engagement

Enhance matchmaking and networking opportunities for participants through diverse built-in networking and engagement features to foster better relationships.

Business Matchmaking

Help your partners find the best networking opportunities and business leads through AI-powered business matchmaking.

Virtual Fairs and Booths

Create virtual fairs and booths with meeting tables to boost participant engagement and interactions to help them meet their event goals.

Virtual Meetings

Set up virtual meetings for businesses and attendees to enable them to interact, discover and create better business opportunities.

Roundtables and Breakout Sessions

Make roundtables and breakout sessions in addition to the main sessions to help your participants and sponsors to nourish networking and business relations.

Integrate Any Streaming Provider

Stream with any streaming platform you want, and use our Stream Studio to add it to Deal Room virtual events.

Planning to Create a Virtual Event?

Make it smart and successful with Deal Room.

The Best Ever Virtual Event Management Platform

Deal Room is the most inclusive event management platform for effortless event creation and management.

Live Sessions

Add live sessions to your virtual events from any platform of your choice and interact with the audience.

Multiple and Parallel Stages

Do not limit yourself to a single stream. With Deal Room, you can have multiple and parallel stages as you prefer.

Breakout Rooms

Create various breakout rooms apart from the main stages to drive higher attendee and audience engagement.


Create workshops in the Deal Room for attendees and participants to come and indulge in to gain new industry insights.

Relevance Matchmaking Algorithm

Build highly relevant and focused business relationships and potent networks with Deal Room’s AI-matchmaking algorithm.

One-on-One and One-on-Many Meetings

Event participants can use Deal Ream to create one-on-one or one-on-many meetings with each other for better networking and business interactions.

Interactive Roundtable

Make a virtual, interactive roundtable for your attendees, sponsors, and audience to enable enhanced participant engagement.

Pre-Scheduling and Event Organizer

Schedule your events in advance with our powerful and easy-to-use event organizer to stay ahead and be in control of the event.

Fair Area

We make it possible for event organizers to create a fair area where participants can engage with event partners and exhibitors for networking and business relationship building.

Virtual Booths

Participants can create virtual booths with meeting tables within the fair on the event day and manage them for greater attendee organizers.

Lead Generation

Exhibitors and sponsors can host various lead generation activities to find high-converting and top-quality leads.

Sponsor Branded Meeting Areas

Sponsors can brand the meeting areas, roundtable sessions, and breakout sessions to improve their brand visibility and lead generation chances.

Event-Specific Attendee Profile

Sponsors and exhibitors can use Deal Room features to make customized, event-specific profiles. This will help them bolster their matchmaking and networking opportunities.

Comprehensive Filtering

Deal Room offers extensive filtering options that the partner can use to filter attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors based on their roles, industries, and other criteria.

Built-in Chat

Use the built-in chat within Deal Room to instant chat with preferred participants to interact and engage with them.


Use diverse QA and polling options within Deal Room to engage with the audience, respond to their queries and gather feedback through custom-developed polls.

Tailor Your Virtual Events as You Need,
Without Limit

Deal Room’s virtual event management platform empowers you to customize your events as you want.

Go Live in Easy 5 Steps. We Are with You on Each Step

Our virtual event management platform is so easy to use that you can get your event from planning to live in just five steps. And our team is always with you to help and see you through.

Onboarding Our event management software makes it simple to onboard attendees, speakers, partners, and exhibitors. Remember that our event success team will help you in the journey.
Customisation Benefit from diverse customization options on Deal Room to tailor everything regarding your event.
Registration Event participants can easily register with Deal Room, which integrates with many registration tools and has diverse registration page options.
Management Deal Room empowers the organizers with an Event Management Studio to ensure successful event management.
Live Go live to your customized virtual event, manage it effectively, and ensure the event’s success.

Built-in Features and Integrations

Part of what makes Deal Room such a great and easy-to-use event management platform is the collection of built-in features and integration options. With such expansive capabilities, customizing an event is a walk in the park:

  • Deal Room allows you to host page access to resources from another website.
  • Deal Room is compatible with Tito, Eventbrite, and XING.
  • Other ticketing systems take a few minutes to integrate.

High-Quality Live Streaming

Stop worrying on your live streaming quality even if you don’t have any event production experience. Deal Room’s Livestream Studio is designed to make your live stream a notch ahead of professionally-made events and ensure reliable streams.

  • Deal Room enables you to stream live or pre-recorded videos of any length directly into your event.
  • Make the stream top-notch and tailor-made using banners, overlays, lower thirds, brand logos, and many more.

Deal Room Conference Tool

Do not prefer to use Zoom or other third-party tools to host your conferences? Well, Deal Room has its own Conference Tool built with extensive capabilities and features to help you host any type of conference you want. With impeccable streaming quality and customization options, our Conference Tool is more than just a tool to manage your conference. It is a solution to address all your worries about conducting a successful conference whether it is one-on-one, one-on-many, or across multiple platforms in virtual, onsite, or hybrid event modes.

Real-Time Online Analytics

With Deal Room, getting real-time event analytics is easier than ever before. You can collect all the data you need about the event. Analyze the event’s success by how it helped your sponsors and exhibitors generate leads by reviewing interactions. Drive insights from the data collected to see what worked and did not, and use the insights to strategize the next events better. Create comprehensive, data-backed event reports for analysis and advice from industry leaders.

Create a Connected Audience on Our Mobile App

Experience convenience like never before for better event management and success. Available on Android and iOS, our mobile app offers all capabilities of the web platform right within your palm. Based on the nature of the event, participants can organize and manage various schedules, sessions, and booths, as well as take care of their own schedules along with collecting information from various exhibitors. The participants can make one-on-one meetings on the app, as well. The app helps create a unique virtual environment and allows users to attend the event anywhere, anytime.


Attendees, Organizers and Businesses—Everyone Loves Deal Room

Take advantage of Deal Room, the powerful, feature-rich and cutting-edge event management platform to help you organize better events that bring value, engagement and leads to everyone.

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What is a virtual event platform?

A virtual event is an organized gathering wherein participants connect and engage through the web rather than physically meeting. A virtual event platform is a software-based system that provides a digital environment to plan, organize, manage, promote, and host virtual conferences, webinars, fairs, and workshops. With its all-in-one solutions from registration to comprehensive event analytics, Deal Room is the best virtual events platform.
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