New branding opportunities on expo selection!

New branding opportunities on expo selection!

How can we maximize branding and marketing in today’s world?

As we all know, branding is an essential element in the event industry. Companies may attend to the event as sponsors, partners or exhibitors. Brand visibility is crucial for companies. However, there are a lot of changes that have break the old “normal” and the way to do events and brand marketing. These changes have happened very suddenly. This means that the learning curve was very steep, and everyone had to learn very quickly how to adapt to the online world. Meanwhile, this might cause a lot of stress and issues, this also opens up a whole spectrum of new possibilities, especially in the branding and marketing aspect.

We want to heavily focus on branding and marketing and how we can improve these in the online event platforms, and what are the factors that contribute to it?

If you have exhibitors on your virtual event, it is essential to provide branding opportunities and visibility capabilities to your partner companies. But you have to start getting creative with it! How are you going to be able to do this – you may think. To keep it short and sweet:

  • Provide logo visibility

  • Give the opportunity to have multiple spots for branding.

  • Present them with a platform that brings more through exhibitioners, example: Deal Room virtual booths.

The well-branded virtual expo brings leads and increases ROI

Companies want to differentiate themselves from others, and it is essential to provide them with the option to do so. The level of branding on the digital environment is up to you. The digital environment allows companies to have different tiers in which they have different levels of freedom in how much they can brand themselves. Virtual booths are a great example once again. A virtual booth allows the company to stand out. They get a different section on the online event, where there can be a company profile, and they can represent the whole team. The virtual environment does not mean that there is no interactivity between companies and event attendees. Virtual booths are an excellent way to bring companies closer to event attendees – potential customers.


Deal Room virtual booth offers branding opportunities!

  • Banners & Logos in many formats like JPG, PNG and GIF

  • Videos from YouTube or Vimeo

  • Social Media and Webpage links

  • Capability to link Team Members with their own personal profiles

  • Possibility to link brochures

And much more!

July 21, 2022

Adrian Zarif

Adrian Zarif

Event & Marketing Specialist

About me:

After seven years of translation experience in the management-related field and a passion for digital marketing, I was given the opportunity to work with the Cloud Markethink Agency and CloudTalk Global, the largest cloud computing event in Eurasia, as a team member to manage business events.

Additionally, working with Deal Room Events has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on and expand my experience as a content event marketing professional.

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