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We build custom-fit,
engaging events.

Virtual, In-person and Hybrid events expertise & Efficient Event Management Platform


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Virtual Conferences & Summits & Networking

Create educational Webinars, Interactive Roundtables,
Valuable Networking Events.

"An excellent way to get in touch with exhibitors before the event."

Unlimited Sessions

Parallel Sessions, Roundtables, Breakout rooms, Interactive Sessions and Webinars 

Powerful networking

1-on-1 Networking, Pre-booked meetings, Relevance Algorithm 

Virtual Expo Area

Wide Range of Options to Increase ROI of any Event. Give more visibility to sponsors

We built events for:

press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom

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Extraordinary attendee experience

Deal Room has a powerful attendee engagement tool with comprehensive networking functionalities to connect with a global audience.

  • Pre-booking meetings

  • Individual Agenda

  • Private Chat

  • Relevance Algorithm

  • Private 1-on-1 Meetings

  • Notifications

For us, every event is different with its own needs and set-ups.


Dedicated event success team before, during and after your event.


We make things easy
for event organizers

Deal Room event management tools are easy to use. Features of Deal Room create the opportunity for organizers to save time and configure their events for a wide range of needs.

With Deal Room, all your event management is located in one place!

  • Real Time Online Analytics

  • Speaker & Program Management

  • Email Communication Tool

  • Virtual Booth Management

Get the best out of your events
using our features and integrations

Deal Room's top-notch features make the platform flexible to your needs. The platform includes adaptable inbound and outbound integrations.

With our built-in features and integration opportunities, Deal Room event management platform can be customized to any needs!

  • Ticketing / CRM systems

  • Studio integrations with RTMP / OBS

  • Streaming out to other platforms like Facebook and / or YouTube

  • Connecting websites with Widget code