3 Simple and Effective Steps to Maximise your Return on Event

Deal Room Team 21.07.2022
3 Simple and Effective Steps to Maximise your Return on Event

Events are now more prominent than ever.

Everywhere you go, every platform that you turn to, events are constantly in the midst of planning and rolling out. According to American Express’ Global Meetings and Events Forecast, the number of B2B events — like tradeshows, conference, or sales and marketing meetings are on the rise. And rightfully so, since events created new possibilities for many businesses in ways that could not have been possible 30 years ago. They paved a way for new channels for business opportunities, keeping up with trends and most importantly, networking. What then does the mentioned statistics and importance of events mean to event attendees like all of us?

Well, it could mean more opportunities, new inventions and/or innovations or simply put, a resource to take reference from to prepare for future events one may undertake.

Before attending any event, I find myself asking myself a few key questions… How will the event benefit me? What should I wear? Do I have my business cards ready?

But even with all these questions answered, I failed to ask myself the MOST important question and that is…

How can I maximise my Return on Event?

So here, I have gathered 3 practically simple yet essential ways to Maximise your Return on Event.

1. Do your homework

Do your homework beforehand so you’re not at a disadvantage. With easily accessible information online and through reliable event digital tools such as Deal Room App, learning about the program agenda and event attendees will be especially beneficial as you would be able to formulate strategies that will help you capitalise on the event while providing you with an idea of the kind of contacts and connections you will make. In addition, practicing your elevator pitch ahead of time by memorising a few short and engaging lines to summarise your career and/or your business will greatly assist you in meeting new people with confidence. At the same time, to have answers ready to some likely asked questions will be beneficial for making first impressions as small stepping stones at the event.

2. Set SMART goals

Goals help describe success. Before attending any event, having a clear and well-defined goal in mind can play a huge role in guiding you towards your desired outcome for the event. When your goals are clear and you know what you’re trying to achieve, the more likely you will take the necessary action to accomplish them. According to Harvard Business study, those who have goals tend to be 10 times more successful than those without goals. With this in mind, setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals can greatly enhance your opportunity of achieving more while keeping track of your progress along the way.

Goals are also beneficial in the following ways:

  • Personal satisfaction

  • Clarity in decision making

  • Effective use of time

  • Motivation

3. Know the Event tool and Leverage on it

Maximising your return on events requires you to know what you have signed up for. In a digital era, most or if not, all events are powered with digital tools that are set to assist event attendees and enhance their experience. By knowing the event tool, you would be able to capitalise on the event and set yourself up for success. I remember having a conversation with another event attendee dressed in suit and tie who was only there for the last day of the event to meet potential business partners and investors. As the conversation went along, I later found out that he only managed to speak to two other people aside from me. One was the receptionist and the other was a venture capitalist (VC). My next question to him was “Have you used the event tool for this event?”. His answer was an unsurprising no.

Too many times we overlook or simply, are not aware of how event tools can play a huge role in helping us make the most out of ANY event. The most recent event that I attended was using Deal Room Events, a comprehensive yet simple-to-use platform tailored for both event attendees and organisers that allows participants to view all event attendees, plan schedules, book meetings and follow stage program flows and additionally, track post event activities such as checking of meeting notes and even following up with the new leads acquired. With such accessible and dynamic tool at the bottom of our fingertips, closing deals, making new connections and achieving your SMART goals can be easily achieved when you learn the art of utilising them to your benefit. In summary, smart goals accompanied by adequate preparation with the right digital tool puts you on track to maximise your return on events and ultimately, success.


Are you ready for a breakthrough? What is your favourite events tool?

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