5 Tips for Hosting a Business Event after the Holiday Season

Deal Room Team 20.07.2022
5 Tips for Hosting a Business Event after the Holiday Season

Despite the increased uncertainty (Heighton-Ginns & Race, 2021) and raised restrictions, many organizations are planning to host their upcoming events. Business operations and activities will continue, thus, when moving forward with plans that involve events, how do you ensure that there will be enough attendees?

Certainly, event organizers need to be vigilant of relevant requirements such as additional restrictions (MOH, 2021). These include opening in-person events only for fully vaccinated attendees.

In this blog, we will be introducing 5 tips into how you can continue to host a successful business event regardless of the radical uncertainties presented nowadays.

1. Include Live Streaming

Event organizers should ensure that live streaming is available under the circumstance that the in-person event is unable to be held. Hence, event organizers can plan for hybrid events. Hybrid events combine the elements of virtual and in-person events and are the best way to reach audiences without geographical boundaries. With hybrid events expected to be the future of events, event organizers are able to proceed with business plans regardless of negative externalities whilst grasping the attention of attendees. To ensure your hybrid event is successful, we suggest you look at our blog where we talk about avoiding the common mistakes made in hybrid events.

2. Use New Technology & Gamification

It is critical to leverage the advancements in technology to enhance your event experiences (Baer, 2020). With the uncertainties and restrictions, most activities will occur virtual and thus, there is increased pressure to attract and engage with your target audience. Leveraging new technology and incorporating gamification at your events is one way to engage your audience with the content and amongst each other.

An example of a new technology that seems to be leading the future of the events industry is Metaverse. It shows a promising future by allowing users to create unique and unforgettable experiences. With the utilization of AR and 3D holograms etc, it brings the audience to a deeper virtual realm, immersing them in an experience where they can utilize all their 5 senses to engage. As a result, the increased option of features allows event organizers to build unique virtual experiences.

3. Schedule Networking Opportunities

Over the recent years, we have learned the importance of staying connected. Even though social distancing restrictions have made networking event opportunities scarce, event organizers have made use of Event Management Tools to help them create meaningful experiences. For instance, scheduling networking opportunities at your business events will help build hype into your next event. On that note, it is vital to ensure your event facilitates effective networking, whether it is an in-person, hybrid or virtual event.

At Deal Room Events we have a powerful networking tool that encourages and enables connections to be made between attendees.

4. Provide Targeted Messaging

With an overload of content and events during the busy holiday season, it is easy to dismiss an event reminder pop-up. On the other hand, the increased restrictions may diminish people's desire to attend in-person events. Therefore, the content of the email should focus on specific messages that are beneficial to the attendee. For instance, how will the event handle health and safety procedures or how to schedule and get the most out of this opportunity, etc.

As several audience types have different needs, it is thus critical to segment your target audience and provide several messages accordingly.

5. Send Out Letters & Special Gifts

One of the best methods to attract potential attendees is to nurture your relationship with them. To do so, you can do simple actions such as sending out "Thank You" letters. Besides helping the promotion of your event it can also help expand your client base (Swigunski, 2021).

Letting your target audience know they are appreciated is a key strategy. By doing so, the connection with your target audience can be deepened and encourages their participation at your events.

To conclude, holding business events post-holiday season with additional restrictions may be a challenge. However, using these 5 tips, you can begin to plan and organize engaging and unforgettable events.

If you ever need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help!


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