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Introduction We have seen how effective virtual events can be in the ever-changing pandemic landscape. They provide value-added, engagement-driven exp
Being efficient at networking is one of the most important parts of events, it is a great possibility to meet people and develop your professional net
After a period of solely relying on virtual experiences due to environmental challenges, the rise of in-person experiences has begun to gain more popu
If you’re an event planner, you know the rush that comes with planning the perfect gathering. There’s the search for the perfect venue, picking ta
Do you have carefully selected breaking-the-ice phrases you would use when approaching new people at an event? “So, what brought you here today?”
How to Create an Online Event? From Idea to Execution. With companies shifting globally towards remote work, people are used to consuming
Nowadays, the event industry is thriving with an abundance of virtual event software. It can be dull to scroll through page after page of different ev
If we could take one key learning from more than a year of Covid-19, it would be this: virtual events are here to stay. We recently conducted research
“You influence the world just by being a part of it” - Lucas Fraser, President of CEP To begin, it is important to note that sustainability is con
The Future is Hybrid. According to Global DMC Partners, 72% of event planners are moving into either a virtual or hybrid format for events in 2021. Ha
Just like the society, the event industry is always on the move, and event industry trends always reflect this. It has been growing rapidly. To cite,
With Hybrid being the Future, it is important to understand how networking works at hybrid events to create a positive experience throughout the entir
While borders are reopening and live events are returning, it seems the future of events will remain hybrid. According to an article by Forbes (Scales
The events industry size (Allied Market Research, 2021) is expected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 11.2% from 2021 to 2028.
As borders start to reopen and restrictions are slowly lifted, we get closer to returning to a more regular way of life. In-person events are thus exp
Event planning naturally involves managing several variables at the same time. Events that add a virtual component to their experience carry several a
Despite the increased uncertainty (Heighton-Ginns & Race, 2021) and raised restrictions, many organizations are planning to host their upcoming
‘Hosted Buyer Programs’ or ‘Hosted Buyer Events’ is a term long known by many Event Organizers. For those of you who may not be so familiar wi
The name COVID-19 has spread far and wide, earning a notorious reputation as one of the more infectious diseases we have lived to see. In fact, just t

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