8 Hidden Gems of Deal Room - a Powerful Event Management Platform.

8 Hidden Gems of Deal Room - a Powerful Event Management Platform.

Nowadays, the event industry is thriving with an abundance of virtual event software. It can be dull to scroll through page after page of different event management tools.

The main features are the same, and it’s hard to tell the difference. But for those willing to spend a little more time searching, Deal Room can offer more than just online webinars and conferences. Here’s a sneak peek into our hidden features that sometimes get overlooked.

1. Pre-scheduled 1-1 meetings

The attendees have access to the platform well before the event; they can see the list of other participants, interact with them, and book meetings. This spares the trouble of finding the right contacts, reaching out, and exchanging emails back and forth. It also helps to create excitement among the participants and encourages engagement before the event.

2. One-on-Many Meetings

Once the 1-1 meeting is booked between 2 people, either the attendees or the organizers can add up to 8 guests to the meeting. This function is a great help for international events that require translation support, for example.

3. Customer Support

Deal Room is not about the software alone - it comes with a bunch of event organizing professionals. Our experienced Customer Support team will set up your event, show you around, and teach you the best practices from the industry and our broad professional community. Moreover, each event is managed by your dedicated Success Manager, who will dig into the ins and outs of your case and help you shape the best event.

4. Unlimited Amount of Sessions

Virtual events on Deal Room don't have the "maximum venue capacity,"- so use the potential to the fullest by hosting as many sessions, streams, breakout rooms, and 1-1 meetings at the same event! Have them organized one by one or run in parallel - paint the journey of your participants the way you like.

5. VIP Sessions

Event organizers can create interactive VIP sessions and invite only specific attendees. If the event has a unique speaker, organizers can arrange a contest where attendees would compete for a special ticket to a VIP session with this speaker. Alternatively, hidden sessions can be used for separating certain participants and discussions from the rest.

6. Auto or Manual Approval of Attendees

Participants attending the sessions can be auto-approved or manually approved. This means that there are two options: some sessions can be opened to all of the attendees, who can enroll automatically; on the other hand, organizers can manually approve or decline the attendees one by one after they apply for a certain session.

7. Pre-booked by Organizer

"Pre-booked by organizer" - a truly hidden yet powerful feature. This tag can be added to 1-1 meetings that the organizer pre-booked in advance between the attendee and sponsor. Event organizers can go through the list of the attendees together with the sponsors, identifying the participants with the most relevant background, and connect them before the event. This minimizes the work for the sponsors and ensures they engage participants to interact with their offering.

8. Full Control

As an event organizer, you have full ownership and control over the event and its data. You can access the event platform at any time, make any changes you wish, and personalize the attendee experience according to your unique plan. After the event, Deal Room will process the data and deliver comprehensive analytics that can help you monetize your event!

Contact us to learn more about the other unique features that you can use to customize your next event!

July 21, 2022

Adrian Zarif

Adrian Zarif

Event & Marketing Specialist

About me:

After seven years of translation experience in the management-related field and a passion for digital marketing, I was given the opportunity to work with the Cloud Markethink Agency and CloudTalk Global, the largest cloud computing event in Eurasia, as a team member to manage business events.

Additionally, working with Deal Room Events has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on and expand my experience as a content event marketing professional.

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