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What to do when your event goes wrong?

What to do when your event goes wrong?

Event planning naturally involves managing several variables at the same time. Events that add a virtual component to their experience carry several additional challenges such as avoiding participant dropouts and other technical problems. If you are an experienced event planner, these may be simple problems to fix but as a first-time event organizer, you may be taken off guard.

In this blog post we'd like to give you some helpful tips on what to do in case your event goes amiss.

1. Stay Calm

Staying calm is absolutely essential in continuing the flow of your event. Attendees will begin to worry if the person in charge of the event is in panic. It's like watching the captain of a ship you are boarding being alarmed - you will start to panic too!

Increased anxiousness may cloud your judgment as it impedes your ability to think of even the simplest solution in solving the problem. For instance, imagine your speaker is either late or unable to make it to the event. If you panic, you'd just be reacting to the event but not acting and moving forward. You may miss simple solutions like connecting your speaker through a virtual platform. Hence, no matter what happens, take a step back, breath, and then think of a solution.

"Our greatest freedom is how we react to things" - Charlie Mackesy

2. Keep a Backup Plan

Keeping a backup plan is a top-of-the-list must-have for event organizers. This includes planning for securing backup equipment. For instance, if wireless microphones suddenly stop working, having extra microphones easily solves the problem. Backups allow attendees to have a smooth and seamless experience.

Another idea you can have is pre-recording sessions. These are useful in case your speaker is late or can not show up.

3. Train Staff Beforehand

When things go wrong, having a qualified team is vital. Preparing your staff allows challenge resolution. Your team must know how to solve issues on-site and virtually. These include restoring any equipment that breaks down, handling a customer service issue during an event, and so on.

At Dealroom, our team is well-versed in both technical issues and customer service, ready to address any problem that may arise during an event. By delegating this to us, you can focus on your event and engage with attendees.

4. Take Responsibility

One of the most important things to do if your event goes sideways is to take responsibility. Being transparent with your participants opens the door for understanding and gives time to rectify the situation. This is crucial in winning your participants’ trust back. Moreover, if you are able to handle the situation professionally, you will have proven you are reliable and clients can trust you.

5. Give Gifts

This may sound off but keep reading...

Gifting is a form of appreciation. By giving gifts, you show your attendees you appreciate them, their time, and their understanding. In addition, experts have also found that giving gifts is an important part of human interaction (Ewing, 2020). It helps build meaningful connections and bonds. This permits you to recover the trust of your current and future clients.

On the other hand, providing gifts can also serve other purposes such as providing event memorabilia for your attendees. If there's a budget for it - why not show your appreciation?

6. Establish Clear Communication Channels

When things go wrong at your event, it is crucial to have clear communication channels with your whole team. Communicating with everyone who can help or support during challenges is crucial to provide prompt solutions. This helps the team understand what is needed to be done and solutions can be implemented efficiently (Juetten, 2019).

Clear communication channels are also required for external use. Meaning, having clear communication channels with your attendees is vital. For instance, attendees will appreciate it if you inform them of any delay that has occurred and if the issue is being handled. This helps attendees to be understandable and patient while also staying engaged in your event.

In summary, the best plan includes being prepared for any known potential risks or challenges in any event. Back-up plans help you feel more confident and ready to face whatever uncertainties that come your way. Thus, reduce your stress and secure your attendee's satisfaction.

Having a trustworthy partner by your side might make all the difference if something goes wrong with your event. Feel free to speak with us!

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July 21, 2022

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