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EXB Asia Esports Business Summit

EXB Asia was successfully held online for the first time due to the COVID pandemic which enabled people from all over the region to be invited. If the event had been held solely as an in-person event in Thailand, the numbers generated from attendees outside the country would have not been possible.

263+ Attendees
2 Days
23 Meetings

Event Summary

Why did we decide to organize a virtual event?

It was mainly due to the unstable situation under the COVID pandemic, but I thought it was also good to invite people from the region efficiently. If we held the physical event in Thailand, then we would have not been able to generate this number of participants from outside of the country.

What was the industry and purpose of the event?

The objective of the event was to look at Esports from a business aspect. This was to open up the stakeholders’ eyes in order to grow the Esports ecosystem and accelerate the trend in Asia.

Was this your first virtual event and how was the experience?

This was our first virtual event but had no problem at all because of the necessary & timely support from the Deal Room Events operation team.

The greatest thing about Deal Room is that participants can request a meeting with other participants as they like. Basically, those who are attending this kind of conference have some objective in common, and it’s good to get connected even if this is a virtual event. However, I thought this is also critical to let all the participants including the passive ones to understand how the platform works. Otherwise, we won’t be able to utilize the best part of it.


Event in numbers

This was our first event and was mainly focused on networking. It was a two-day event with 13 hours of streaming time and 263 participants. There were 23 1-on-1 meetings.

About Event

Date: 2021-04-21

Country: Thailand

Type: Virtual

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