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D Congress

In times of uncertainty and constant change, being at the front-line of the action is key! D-Congress presents an opportunity for industry professionals to partner up and shape the trade of the future together.

702+ Attendees
1 Days
130 Meetings

Event Summary

Deal Room Events had the opportunity to provide its services to this full in-person event in Sweden: The Swedish largest e-commerce event, organized by Svensk Digital Handel, Svensk Handel, and Svenska Massan in Gothenburg. 
Since the latest insights into digital commerce were delivered in the event, a vital part of what D Congress aimed to foster was the exchange of experiences and the generation of meaningful connections between attendees and their new business contacts. The former was Deal Room’s line of expertise. 
D-Congress utilized the Deal Room Platform to help accelerate networking, 1 on 1 meetings, badge scanning, and of course Booth Match feature. Booth Match feature involves expo companies booking a meeting with attendees and inviting them into their booth. Building event specific profiles on the platform, attendees could see who else is at the event and had a chance to network.
Since the event was a full in-person event, everyone was provided with a badge to enter and a QR code. Attendees using Deal Room could scan other badges for QR codes during quick meetings to facilitate lead collection. 

About Event

Date: 2021-10-28

Country: Sweden

Type: In-Person

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