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Chicago Venture Summit

World Business Chicago, the city’s public-private economic development agency, led the largest Chicago Venture Summit in September, 2021, connecting founders with leading investors and Fortune 500 leaders. Over 60% of the 600+ registered participants were women and people of color, representing Chicago’s commitment to equity and diversity.

600+ Attendees
3 Days
100 Meetings

Event Summary

The three-day event was powered by Deal Room Management platform. As Deal Room Team, we are proud to host such an innovative event that leverages community networks to bring people together and accelerate business growth.

The event recorded the attendance of 600+ Chicago founders, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders - all key players in driving Chicago’s status as a national destination for founders & startup investment. Key partners include Chicago VenturesJump Capital, Hyde Park Venture PartnersJ.P MorganLightbankOutlier VenturesPritzker GroupGoogleWilliam Blair, and Hyde Park Angels. 

Powering Hybrid Event Formats

Such an innovative event included being delivered within an innovative format: Hybrid event. 

Regardless of the advancements made to tackle challenges that prevent people from attending in-person events, a virtual component is still required to provide access to remote guests. 

The event was streamed from 6 different locations within Chicago by 6 different organizations: mHUBTechNexusTechstarsEY WavespaceCleveland Avenue and MATTER. To produce a seamless experience, for both live and offline audiences, Deal Room Tech Team established weekly meetings with each streaming team to ensure all integrations were on track and provided guidance and advice on aspects such as camera positioning, light, and sound. 

In events like the Chicago Venture Summit, where networking is such an important element of startup and VC matchmaking, relevance algorithms such as the one Deal Room deploys were crucial to pairing attendees, whether they were on-site or online.

One primary goal of the event is to accelerate meaningful connections between start-ups and VCs, thus, our relevance algorithm and features such as personalized agenda allowed people to schedule and meet either on-site or online. 

How does it work? 

Deal Room’s proprietary relevance algorithm enables attendees to easily reach and book meetings with other guests based on what they are offering and seeking. Thus, our guests can save time from scrolling over hundreds of profiles. 

Before and during the event, attendees can filter participants and request to meet, regardless of the attendee being remote or on-site. Meetings were held either in-person or within the Deal Room platform via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Our live Customer Support Team offered guidance on how to connect with an attendee regardless of location. 

We’ve had the pleasure of having our clients trust and jointly make successful hybrid events. Our experience and community are growing and we could not be more grateful for that. 

Thank you World Business Chicago Team for your trust! 

About Event

Date: 2021-09-27

Country: USA

Type: Hybrid

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