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A guide to networking during this time of novel Coronavirus: Advice from Peter Vesterbacka

The name COVID-19 has spread far and wide, earning a notorious reputation as one of the more infectious diseases we have lived to see. In fact, just this Wednesday (11 March 2020), the coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). For more on that news, check out this Forbes article. Coronavirus has significantly disrupted the lives of individuals and corporations around the world. In a time like this where many things are out of our control, it is important that we each do what we can to mitigate the risks that come with this outbreak. Read on to find out how to ensure business continuity during this season of COVID-19.

Read up on coronavirus and how it has affected us globally

Although largely contained to China and Asia initially, coronavirus has since grown to be a global pandemic. Italy has become the country with the most number of cases outside of China (as of 11 March 2020). We can no longer hide behind the assumption that we are far enough from the center of the outbreak, and will not be affected. It is important to be well-informed of WHAT we are protecting ourselves from, before going into the HOW’s.

This WHO article gives a detailed breakdown and very helpful coverage of the events surrounding COVID-19. It is a good resource to obtain regular updates on the situation. Alternatively, you can check out this Vox article for a more brief overview and some key pointers and tips.

One area in which your business may suffer a loss is in offline events. Is it still safe? Can the event be shifted online? After reading up on the risks and assessing the situation in your own country and region, it’s time for you to make the call: is your event still a ‘go’?

I have sat down with Peter Vesterbacka, Founder of Slush and former “Mighty Eagle” of Angry Birds, to create this guide on how to continue running events and serving their community.

Peter Vesterbacka,

Founder of Slush and

former “Mighty Eagle” of Angry Birds If your event is being cancelled or postponed, you can still keep your audience engaged with an online networking event! There are effective and affordable tools such as Deal Room which can facilitate discussions online. Deal Room’s technology has been developed to be able to host online events, where participants can book meetings with each other and meet over video call. The software also provides matchmaking and meeting scheduling services, amongst other innovative features. Participants can meet with the same number of people as they would in an offline event. What’s more, they can achieve it from the comfort of their own homes!

Yes, we at Deal Room know that an online event will never perfectly replace an event in which people can have the full experience of getting together, discussing, enjoying the concept over good food, and the overall efficiency of face to face meetings. However, until things are more under control, online networking events are the best solution to keep your audience engaged and ensure business continuity.

Waste no time and pick up where you left off. Feel free to get in touch with us at contact@dealroomevents.com if you would like to find out more about setting up an online networking event (which, by the way, only takes 10 minutes)! We would be happy to consult or do a demo with your company.

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