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How to be efficient at networking: before, during and after an event

Being efficient at networking is one of the most important parts of events, it is a great possibility to meet people and develop your professional network. Are you going to an event and thinking how you can get the most out of that event? Among other aspects, networking is one of the most important parts of events where there is a great possibility to meet people face to face and develop your professional network. People work with people, and people create opportunities for each other. However, how to be efficient at networking to create long-lasting business relationships? We at Deal Room Events make an infographic and list out for you the most important action points that could help you be effective in event networking.

Tips for a preparing for a networking event

Set goal for the event

It is good to have in mind what you want to get out of the event and what connections you want to make so that you can get the most out of the event


Doing research beforehand of who are coming to the event provides you an idea of what contacts and connections you will make at the event.

Reach out

People are busy most of the time at an event. Reaching out to people beforehand can increase your chance to make connections.

Show interest

During your meetings, show your interest in the topic and toward the other party. Use your listening skill and make notes if needed.

Be prepared to talk

Plan ahead of what you want to talk about yourself. Don't forget to ask the others about their interest. Find out the common interest between you.

Remember to follow up after the event.

Establishing long-lasting business relationships

After the event, you can log into Deal Room and keep your communication alive with event participants.

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