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Virtual Conversation Starter: How to Network at an Online Event

Do you have carefully selected breaking-the-ice phrases you would use when approaching new people at an event? “So, what brought you here today?” “Hi, I’m a fan of your company, I thought of asking you about…” “Can you believe we have to wear these horrible nametags today?”

Something like this, right? And maybe you found yourself quite confused at an online event, where there’s no possibility to strike a casual conversation while queueing for the glass of wine. We, the digital event regulars, are here to help you break the ice and start networking with absolutely zero handshakes. Here’s what you can do with the help of the Deal Room’s virtual event platform.

Familiarize Yourself with the Event Beforehand

Research the topic, check out the list of attendees, identify potential targets for networking. Use efficiently all the time you would otherwise dedicate to choosing what to wear and traveling to the venue. It’s important to connect and schedule meetings with interesting people well in advance, because everyone’s calendars will be packed by the time the event starts.

Set Your Networking Goals

Are you attending this event to meet up with particular people? Do you think you could reach out to potential prospects? Write down specific goals so that you can measure and evaluate how effective your attendance was.

Complete Your Professional Profile

On Deal Room, you can provide your photo, job title, and company, what you seek and what you offer in this event. Make sure to fine-tune your info for each event individually to keep it relevant for the other attendees. Based on the attendee profile, Deal Room can offer personalized matchmaking and suggest potential people to network with. Adding the social media profiles will also boost your visibility.

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

When you schedule a one-on-one meeting with somebody, make sure you know how to introduce yourself and what you do concisely and quickly. Practicing your intro in advance will help you feel more confident and show the other person that you value their time.


Eventbrite suggests that 47% of people are more likely to ask a question at a virtual event and 37% are more likely to speak to a person in a virtual booth than a real one. Use this chance to engage in discussions, participate in quizzes, comment your thoughts. Deal Room offers a possibility to have live Q&A sessions, polls, and comments, so go ahead and play with these engagement tools. AI-based matchmaking tools will also help you see the most relevant suggestions for your 1-1 meetings.

Let Everyone Know About Your Event Experience

Each online event has its hashtags and visuals that you can use for your social media post. Share your expectations before the event – this will attract other attendees who are willing to learn more about you or the topic. Don’t forget to tell your thoughts after the event, once again reminding participants about yourself and your key findings. Small things like these indicate your strong interest in networking.

Follow up

The art of networking includes multiple reach outs. For many people, once the event is out of sight, it’s out of mind. Establish a stronger bond with your newly made connections by writing a polite follow-up – thanking them for the insightful conversation and proposing the next move.

While we all miss the physical events and the emotions they bring, digital events are here to stay. We think it’s exciting how the industry is shifting towards digital, and we invite you to be part of this change! We believe these simple tips can help you step up your networking game, and if you want to learn more about how Deal Room facilitates online networking, click the “Book a Demo” button below!

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