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Podim Conference

1139 meetings in only 3 days: PODIM 2022 returned to in-person format with a great success

3 Days
1139 Meetings

Event Summary

Podim, one of the most influential startup & technology conferences in Europe, was held in-person in 2022. 

Podim has always been a conference that encourages attendees to form meaningful connections, and this year has been the same. Attendees registered to the event, built their profile, enjoyed matchmaking and networking with Deal Room Events. 

From 16th to 18th of May ideas-full startups, active investors, remarkable speakers, business executives and other entrepreneurship enthusiasts gathered in Maribor, Slovenia in person to network, learn and catch up. More than 1000 business-oriented minds were united in a conclusion that entrepreneurial passion is still burning and the fact that a record-breaking 1139 meetings took place on Deal Room platform speaks for itself.

There were 1096 total people attending Podim, which is an impressive number but still “pocket-size” enough to feel like you can network with everyone. There were 346 members of startups and scaleup teams, 139 investors and 286 Corpo & SME representatives. 

An impressive 122 startup environment supporters were there with a wish to help raise the ecosystem with their knowledge, connections and experiences. There were also 105 researchers and students who participated in Podim with a desire to gain new knowledge and learn about big ideas in various industries. The number of other attendees was 98, meaning this year’s Podim audience was extremely diverse.

This diverse audience had their 1-1 meetings in a dedicated Deal Room area, where meaningful connections were formed. Deal Room Events brought value with its comprehensive networking features such as relevance algorithm matchmaking, pre-booking and profile QR sharing. 

About Event

Date: 2022-05-17

Country: Slovenia

Type: In-Person

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