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NAB Show Media Meet and Greet

NAB Show is the world’s leading marketplace for unbridled innovation, unmatched connections, and transformative technologies shaping the future of media and entertainment.

377+ Attendees
14+ Speakers
5 Days
13 Meetings

Event Summary

Each year, thousands of content professionals from all corners of the media, entertainment, and technology ecosystem go to NAB Show. It’s designed for those striving to drive listeners and engage viewers in larger numbers for greater reach. And it’s imagined for those seeking to create uncommon audio and visual experiences.

No matter where you fall on the content continuum—from creation to distribution, management to monetization—NAB Show is where you’ll find a renewed path to clarity and confidence that takes your work in bold new directions.

The 2022 NAB show is organized as an in-person event in the Las Vegas Convention Center on April 23 – 27. 

A modern approach to Event Marketing by Deal Room

For community-building purposes and to provide an idea of the quality of content viewers & attendees can expect, Deal Room collaborated with Media Meet&Greet to host a series of "pop-up" webinars. These are done in an effort to build hype about the event before it happens. 

The audience received a little peek into what they expected to receive from the main event that happened on April 23-27. By doing this tactic, attendees can also have a glance through the community involved in the NAB Show. In turn, this fosters networking opportunities weeks before the event happens. 


Promoting on-site events by using online events

These free webinars paved the way for communicating and promoting the main event which was held face-to-face. A totally new approach!

Deal Room as a community builder

Deal Room acts as a community builder to log in ahead of time - it is a platform, not a single "event" with a specific time or day.

Just like other social media platforms, it remains open to access to the event attendees before, during, and after the event. 

Other than NAB Show, this has allowed the Media Industry to find a ‘home’ where they can locate and easily interact with other like-minded professionals. 

About Event

Date: 2022-04-23

Country: USA

Type: Virtual

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