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NAB Show Media Meet and Greet

NAB Show is the world’s leading marketplace for unbridled innovation, unmatched connections, and transformative technologies shaping the future of media and entertainment.

377+ Attendees
14+ Speakers
5 Days
13 Meetings

Event Summary

Event tech has made a step change in how we connect at physical events. How many more steps will there be? Deal Room client Broadcast Projects explores the evolution of how event tech has been deployed since the start of the pandemic and presents the case study of Media Meet & Greet.

This event series was launched in October 2020, and with Deal Room's support, it has now become a 365-event platform for the global media and entertainment community to connect, communicate and collaborate all year round.

The Deal Room platform enables users of Media Meet & Greet Connect 365 to:

·   browse the community and find relevant connections

·   streamline the process of booking meetings at physical events

·   learn who is attending upcoming trade shows and events like NAB Show

·   reconnect with colleagues and make new business connections

·   pre-book virtual meetings that take place during its live events.

Read more about Broadcast Projects' implementation of Deal Room for the global media and entertainment technology community.



About Event

Date: 2022-04-23

Country: USA

Type: Virtual

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