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ISCC 2022 ‘International Symposium of Contamination Control

The 25th edition of the ISCC Symposium of Contamination Control will be held in Antalya on October 11-13th, 2022 by the Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey. The event will be in a hybrid format and will be hosted on the Deal Room Events platform.

Event Summary

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For community-building purposes and to provide an idea of what content can be expected, a series of webinars from the contamination control SME’s will be launched prior to the event in October. 

The first webinar for the ISCC 2022 took place on March 9th in the Deal Room Platform. The event's program consisted of Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey Chair Haşim Solmaz talking about “Contamination Control Strategies and Environmental Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms”. Haşim Solmaz shared his experience on cleanroom air filtration basics, air handling systems, regulations and standards related to filtration, the difference between efficiency and installed filter leakage test, and risk-based cleanroom monitoring basics.

Over 200 attendees had the opportunity to join the webinar and have a glimpse at the quality of the content they can expect for the main event in October.

The second webinar will be held on April 9th and will talk about Product Cleanliness. Dutch Contamination Control Society, VCCN will be the organizer and the main speakers for the events will be Christopher Perry, Eric Stuiver, Frans Saurwalt, Freek Molkenboer, and Koos Agricola.


About ISCC 2022 International Contamination Control Symposium

Established in 1972 in Sweden, ISCC Contamination Control Symposium has previously taken place in Korea, in 2014; in Brazil, in 2016; and in the Netherlands, 2018 with the participation of approximately 400 contamination control and cleanroom experts from 50 different countries.

The theme for the 25th International Contamination Control Symposium will be “Contamination Control Everywhere in our Lives”. It will focus on the importance of contamination control in different industries such as; pharmaceutical, health, defense, aviation, electronics, biosafety, semiconductor, and automotive.

As part of the 50th Anniversary of the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies and the ISCC 2022 International Contamination Control Symposium event, the contamination control online seminars will be open to all industry professionals. All professionals and experts on 'Contaminations' are welcome to share their knowledge and meet colleagues.

About Event

Date: 2022-03-09

Country: Turkey

Type: Virtual

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