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Media Meet and Greet Real-Time Networking Event

Within the TV business, we have two major trade shows that serve as key anchors for bringing people together. The event has brought up several long-lasting partnerships and the 5th Media Meet and Greet is yet to come in the Deal Room Platform.

107+ Attendees
Multiple Days
58 Meetings

Event Summary

Why did we decide to organize a virtual event?

In the TV business we have two major trade shows that serve as key anchors for bringing us together. Traditionally they take place in April and September. Of course both were cancelled this year, and these two shows will only come back from September 2021.

We have tons of webinars and online virtual conferences, but the main issue that industry colleagues lament is the lack of “serendipity” and the feeling of chance meetings with new people one-on-one.

What was the industry and purpose of the event?

Media Meet & Greet was created to address the networking gap for the digital media entertainment sector. It is designed for TV industry professionals to get together and network both 1:1 as well as in group round table sessions. 

Was this your first virtual event and how was the experience?

Yes, the first event was launched in October 2020 and although, sure, there is a learning curve, the Deal Room team are all pros. You get real human contact and lots of help.

We're already planning the next three events!

Event in numbers

Our first event was just focused on networking. We had 107 participants, 58 meetings, and were delighted about both the turn-out and the feedback we had from attendees.

The next event in December will add the group round-tables which we are calling “Curated Conversations” and “The Serendipity Rooms” – more info at

About Event

Date: 2020-10-22

Country: UK

Type: Virtual

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