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Next Round Summit

The Next Round 21 EU Next Generation Innovators Summit Slovenia & Investment Conference was held in October 2021, connecting startups with leading investors, decision-makers, and innovation leaders.

38+ Speakers
2 Days
250 Meetings

Event Summary

The two-day hybrid event held in Ljubljana, Slovenia was powered by the Deal Room event platform. 

Next Round is the biggest yearly summit of Venture Capital Investors from the CEE region (Central and Eastern European Countries). At the event, several discussions that took place included industry trends, dealmaking opportunities, and future exits. It emphasized the role of VC investors as key elements of the EU Startup & ScaleUp ecosystem. Attendees discovered and recognized quality talents with global potential, exchanging views and actions on the challenges of financing and other critical issues to make a European breakthrough in generating future Unicorns.

As previously mentioned, the event was delivered in a hybrid format, proof that the Future of events is Hybrid. The format allows participants, virtual and in-person, to join and follow the event’s content. Deal Room supported the event program by setting up the streaming integrations for both audiences. The participants were also encouraged to interact in 1:1 meetings conducted either on-site or online via the Deal Room platform, fostering connections between participants regardless of their location. 

In events like the Next Round Summit, meaningful networking is a fundamental component of startup and investors matchmaking. Relevance algorithms like the one given by Deal Room were vital in pairing on-site and online attendees. Our incorporations and features such as private 1-on-1 meetings and meeting extensions allowed people to connect and interact for 2 additional days. 

Startup & Investors Visibility? We Dealt with it!

Even though the event was hybrid, Deal Room created virtual booths for both startups and investors to have a better understanding of startup companies and ventures. This was as an addition to the participants' profiles. Each booth had more detailed information about each startup’s product and service. With over 200 virtual booths, startups were able to obtain multiple benefits from lead generation to build their private sessions with one or multiple attendees.

We are grateful for having the opportunity to work with awesome clients and create successful hybrid events. 

A big thank you to everyone involved for their time and support.

About Event

Date: 2021-10-26

Country: Slovenia

Type: Hybrid

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