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*Ship Startup Festival

Startup event that consists of a Mentoring Program and the Pitch Captain pitching competition. Hosted by the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.

140+ Attendees
2 Days

Event Summary

Event Summary

Why did you decide to organize a virtual event?

*ship Startup festival has been annually organized since 2015 on location. Last year we organized a hybrid event, but this year we decided to create a fully online experience to ensure everyone’s safety

What was the industry and purpose of the event?

*ship is a startup festival aimed at early-stage Startups. These include entrepreneurs and companies who recently got founded with a great idea and an energetic team. Hence at this stage, it is quite challenging to find out what the next steps of your venture should be, we aim to provide help to those who are struggling. During the event, the teams can get mentoring, access workshops and keynotes from industry experts and take part in the Pitch Captain Competition to compete for the grand prize of 5000 Euros.

Was this your first virtual event and how was the experience?

This year was the first time ever that *ship was organized fully online. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and organizing the event with Dealroom was smooth. The sessions were very engaging, and the event was easy to attend and follow for the participants. Streaming the festival for the first time was a completely new experience for us as well, but Dealroom helped us throughout the event, and we co-developed and improved sections of the festival to better fit the online space.

Event in numbers

*ship startup festival was 2 days event with 141 active participants, 11 speakers, 17 virtual booths and content for 2 full event days.

Other comments

Overall, an amazing experience with the providers, and we would work together again in the future.

About Event

Date: 2021-08-12

Country: Finland

Type: In-Person

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