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Talent Boost Summit

The Talent Boost Summit brought job seekers, recruiters, and talent boost service providers together from different cities to figure out how Finland can minimize the shortage of labor with international talents.

35+ Speakers
1 Days

Event Summary

The two-day online event was powered by Deal Room event platform. As Deal Room Events team, we are pleased to host an event that supports the economy and community of Finland.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TE), Ministry of Education and Culture, Course Towards Finland - a project coordinated by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) Center Southwest Finland, and Uusimaa TE-office coordinating the national model for international recruitment. 

Talent Boost Summit is an annual event that aims to find answers on how Finland's international talent labor shortage can be solved whilst creating innovations to growth. The Summit invites organizations that want to expand their talent pool outside of Finland and among the international talents already living in Finland. 

The program introduced over 35 speakers, all carefully selected from several different sectors within Finland. The research and analysis presented by these speakers granted several insights. 

In the end, the event recorded the participation of 564 members. From these, 206 participants were registered as job seekers, 48 were registered as recruiters (from 28 companies), and 139 were registered as service providers, 307 where talents. 

As previously mentioned, the event was delivered in an online format. This format allowed participants from various parts of Finland to join and follow the event’s content. As Deal Room, we aided in the management of the event by providing several of our virtual features to our guests on the platform. For instance, we encouraged participants to register and activate their profiles before the event to enable the 1:1 meetings booking feature. As a result, our data showed that a total of 188 meetings were accomplished, predominantly between job seekers and employers.

We acknowledge that the nature of the event format (online) poses a challenge in building meaningful relationships. Yet, in events like Talent Boost Summit that seek to match people and foster good networking, a user-friendly platform with an in-house relevance algorithm is paramount to achieving success. Therefore, as Deal Room, we enabled services and features such as booking meetings, private chats, personalized agendas to aid in the purposeful connection between participants. 

Deal Room created a total of 63 unique virtual booths and a number of unique sessions for job seekers to have a better understanding of their employers. Each booth had detailed information about the organization, allowing job seekers to build private sessions with potential employers. 

We are truly thankful for our clients' trust and for choosing us to collaboratively work towards bringing a successful online event to life!

A big thank you to everyone involved for their time and support.

About Event

Date: 2021-10-28

Country: Finland

Type: Virtual

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