17-19th March 2021 on Deal Room

Eurocities Economic Development Forum

For members of the Eurocities Network

Hosted by the City of Oulu







Event Summary

Why did you decide to organize a virtual event?

We (City of Oulu) were hosting a European-wide event and it was originally planned to organize locally in Oulu. But, as we all know, the pandemic turned it into a digital event. 

What was the industry and purpose of the event?

The event was the Eurocities Economic Development Forum (https://eurocities.eu/about-us/) and it is held twice a year.  Eurocities is the network of 190 cities in 39 countries, representing 130 million people.


Through joint work, knowledge-sharing and coordinated Europe-wide activity, Eurocities network ensures that cities and their people are heard in Europe. The goal of the event was to bring people from the cities together share information, ideas and insight under the

theme of the event ‘Innovative cities – creating a resilient economy’.

Was this your first virtual event and how was the experience?

This was not the first event like this for us but the technologies that we put inside of it, made it quite challenging. Eventually we ended up with Deal Room platform and Grassmark tv-production. Everything was smooth and easy. The usability of the platform was excellent for the participants and it was easy to create digital booths inside of it.

The most important thing was that everything was included into the platform. Just one place/channel to go in different streams and subevents.

Event in numbers

It was a 3-day event, with 226 participants and there were 16 booths.

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