Creating digital experiences with Sweden Demo Day

Deal Room Team 21.07.2022
Creating digital experiences with Sweden Demo Day

In the wake of difficult times, event organizers around the world are pursuing new courses of action and pushing through to make their activities more accessible than ever. As the global pandemic has forced cancellation of public gatherings, Deal Room is collaborating with some of Europe’s most popular events and conferences, such as Sweden Demo Day, to make the jump into virtual experiences.

Sweden Demo Day is the country’s “largest and most spectacular unconference” for startups, as Head of Investor Relations Tatjana Choudhary puts it. Like many other tech events, Sweden Demo Day 2020 was postponed, but they have made activities available through Deal Room’s online event tools. “Participants from the startup side can expect to get in touch with investors and other stakeholders that could potentially contribute to their journey. Investors and corporates can expect to get in touch with a broad range of interesting startups and entrepreneurs from all over Sweden,” says Choudhary. “To be able to move the core of the event (online) and provide value to Swedish startups – who will be able to schedule meetings with +250 investors and corporates – is something we are really looking forward to.”

Choudary notes that making the transition into a digital event required some last minute adjustments, such as creating a “Survival Survey” to learn more about the obstacles startups are facing throughout the pandemic. “Close to 700 startups participated,” she says. “One of the things they identified as their most pressing issue currently is experiencing difficulties with an already ongoing or previously planned funding round. The fact that we are able to offer them a virtual version of Sweden Demo Day makes us really happy!”

While hosting Sweden Demo Day virtually will be new territory, organizers are confident that there is a bright future for holding events online. “It will be the first time we conduct the actual meetings digitally so it will be hugely valuable for us to be able to gather feedback afterwards from the participants,” says Choudhary. “If this format is something that they all feel comfortable with and that doesn’t hinder ‘getting business done’ I see no reason as to why we wouldn’t look into utilizing this sort of platform more going forward.”

Event professionals know that flexibility is key, which is why Deal Room has extended its online event platform’s line of features, made changes and updates to assist companies in turning their events digital. It is undoubtedly a challenge to organize virtual events, which is why Deal Room is supporting its customers, not only with its online event platform, but undertaking this journey in learning and building new experiences together.

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