What Matters at the End of the Day is Audience Engagement

What Matters at the End of the Day is Audience Engagement

The event's success depends on the attendee's satisfaction - that's common knowledge. But how to make the attendees happy?

If you have ever attended an in-person or an online event, you can probably remember a few of your favorites. And why were they special?

Most likely because of the emotions and value they provided for you. Whether you made a new friend, found a potential business partner, or learned something new, your interaction with the event is what matters.

The global shift towards a digital world forced many companies to be creative in adapting to change. For example, Airbnb introduced an online experiences segment which turned out to be a success. The event platforms also had to develop new ways to facilitate audience engagement and provide unique value.

It has become more challenging to maintain peoples' attention at an online event. Everyone is sitting at home, tempted to open another tab in the browser and have their mind wander away. And the last thing you want is to have a bored participant who doesn't show any life signs.

So what are the best ways to promote interactive engagement among attendees?

  • First and foremost, participants come to network. They come to listen to experienced speakers, meet like-minded people and possibly make valuable connections. The event platform's task is to pave that path smoothly and nicely so that networking happens naturally. Luckily, Deal Room's AI-based matchmaking tool automatically gives you personalized suggestions based on your profile.

  • Second, they want to consume great content. Participants would like to interact with the content just as much as with people. If it's a simple checklist or guide - make it accessible and downloadable. If it's an online lecture - make it conversational. Encourage people to dialogue.

  • People also want to have fun while consuming exciting content. Interactive Q&A sessions, polls, and quizzes can spike up your audience's attention and support proactive learning.

What else can the event technology like Deal Room offer to foster engagement in your virtual or hybrid event?

  • Simple user interface. With the current redundancy in digital tools, you can make everyone's life easier by choosing a virtual event platform that doesn't require a separate navigation tutorial for new users.

  • Seamless brand integration. People come for a particular speaker or company, and they feel much more comfortable and engaged seeing familiar visuals.

  • Scalability. Invite as many participants as you need to build a community that encourages engagement.

  • Measurability. The right virtual event software will track your audience's attention, provide you with valuable data and quantify your efforts.

To sum up, engaging the audience should always be part of your event strategy. The right virtual event software is what creates clear opportunities for the attendees to engage. We don't like to brag, but choosing Deal Room will help you make sure the attendees are entirely captivated by your event! Discover more tips on how to network at an online event in our blog.

If the event participant is happy, we are happy :)

Are you ready to create the best virtual event experience? Contact us and learn more!

July 21, 2022

Adrian Zarif

Adrian Zarif

Event & Marketing Specialist

About me:

After seven years of translation experience in the management-related field and a passion for digital marketing, I was given the opportunity to work with the Cloud Markethink Agency and CloudTalk Global, the largest cloud computing event in Eurasia, as a team member to manage business events.

Additionally, working with Deal Room Events has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on and expand my experience as a content event marketing professional.

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