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What do investors look for in 2018?

Events are not only about the excitement that you get at the spot…

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…but the connections you get that can influence your future in a meaningful way.

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In order to turn your event into a memorable experience with maximum results and minimum pre-organising hustle, you need to have a key. In the 21 century, that key is – data. Data gives uncompromised feedback on your event performance, help you to plan your future event and show interesting insights on the area you are covering. The more data you have the better you understand what attendees are looking for. The better we understand their needs, the more prepared you are for our future events – simple as it is true. With the right software in place, you can now get actionable information on what happens between your event goers real time. Let’s look at Arctic15 stats to determine the unseen trends in the startup world. Arctic15, the two­ days matchmaking startup conference took place in Helsinki on May 30-31. Nearly 2000 startups, scaleups, investors, corporate executives, and media came to Cable Factory for knowledge from the world-class professionals, inspiration from 15 tracks covering a wide range of topics, from blockchain to space technology, and of course, meetings. We started to monitor attendee engagement 2 days before the event:

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And during the event:

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Having access to the geographical location of the attendees, we reached out to Arctic15 marketing team with the data we collected. With that data, they were able to craft final push to selected markets which weren’t active on the matchmaking platform yet. But that was only a tip of the iceberg.

Over the course of two days, 1111 attendees that registered for matchmaking had 5112 meetings. We don’t know yet whether this year Arctic15 can beat the 40% success rate from the previous year, but we know for sure that the event was effective even for alpacas. The unseen trends in the startup world. Money over matter. Nearly 70% of all investors were focusing on meeting startups that already have revenue. “We do not believe in unicorns or the rockstar mentality of startup entrepreneurs. Instead – we want to see real businesses that solve real problems. At Arctic15 we do not chase Unicorns, we breed Alpacas. Stay real, talk about actionable business,” commented Taru Ryske, Director of Arctic15.


Arctic15 wanted to focus on deals facilitated for revenue-funded startups and scaleups. To attract more scaleups to the matchmaking area, the team partnered with NASDAQ, Tesi and Kasvuryhmä for Scaleup Summit, a program dedicated to international scaleups and later stage investors. While on the spot, the investors were able to book meetings with the later stage and expansion stage companies. The early stage startups were the third most sought after by investors, after revenue and expansion stage companies. For them, Arctic15 organised Arctic15 Funding Program – a 3 months program designed together with FiBAN and NordicBAN to help startups make deals with angel investors from the Nordics and Baltics based on 1-on-1 coaching. Arctic15 Funding Program kicked off in spring 2018 and culminated on May 31 at the Funding track with the final deal – Helsinki-based Screenful secured 115k euros in funding from a syndicate of 14 business angels from the region. The CEO of the winning team, Sami Linnanvuo, shared, “We decided to participate to Arctic15 Funding Program based on the fact that it was not a traditional pitching competition. We wanted to find a great group of investors that can support our goals. For this the program was perfect, and we achieved what we aimed to do.” Attention is the only currency. AI in Marketing & Communication appeared to be the most exciting field for investors. Artificial intelligence is claimed to be the most over-hyped term in marketing today. More than a half (51%) of marketers currently use AI, and an additional 27% are expected to incorporate the technology by 2019, according to Salesforce. Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur, marketing expert and one of the headliners at Arctic15 also stated on stage that AI in marketing will be huge and eventually take over the work that we, humans, hate doing, such as data analysis, tracking and segmentation. Interesting enough, the same trend was confirmed at Arctic15, where startups working in the field of AI & Machine learning in marketing were the most sought after by investors. Big data. Big money. Big data analytics became the biggest reason for people to book meetings at Arctic15. The financial industry has always been driven by data. In the 21 century that is more relevant than ever. Remember Professor Yuval Harari’ talk at the World Economic Forum? “Those who control the data control the future not just of humanity, but the future of life itself. Because today, data is the most important asset in the world.” Big data analytics has demand at various fields, ranging from the financial services to health industry. The availability of big data opens new avenues for innovation and offers tremendous opportunities for growth. Arctic15 audience demonstrated that big data applied in the fields of fintech, insurance and health was the most in-demand technology in the Nordics and Baltic region. These are some of the insights Arctic15 was able to provide using data on the event matchmaking. As you can see, the event organizers can get much more out of matchmaking software, than just the amount of attendees and their focus areas.


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